Fall/Winter brings all the feels. Even in Tucson, Arizona where we can still ride our bikes with short sleeve jerseys by mid-day!

I love this time of year. I start lighting candles, planning inside projects, nesting and thinking about what holiday items I’m going to make. Our family traditionally does a handmade ornament exchange every year. We all look forward to it and really put our hearts into it. I have no idea still what I’m going to do for mine this year. Maybe something with PaperClay.

We used to all get together as a family but now we’re a bit spread out so that sadly won’t be happening this year for either holiday. We did however, just enjoy our Montana crew and my mom down for a visit. Everyone is busy and travel is expensive so we will enjoy the times we have and make the most of them. Super thankful for Facetime and a loving family that knows that our time of family holidays will come back around and that this is just a season.

Holiday Activities

A few things I hope to do during this holiday season:

  • bake cookies for the neighbors
  • craft with Freya (our oldest granddaughter that lives nearby)
  • handmade Christmas ornaments • master making a Galette
  • not wait till the last minute to get gifts together

All of our Christmas decor is still up in Washington so I’m not sure we’ll even decorate much. I’ll let you know more on that next month ;)

Be Kind & Smile Often.