What happens when EIGHT ARTISTS (several who didn’t know each other) decide to meet up in Oaxaca, Mexico?!

Photos from Mexico

Let me just start by saying, @gaylekabaker was very thoughtful in gathering a group together that had a lot in common but also had their individual strengths. Which created a beautiful energy full of sharing and quick camaraderie.

Girls Having Fun

It was incredibly inspiring being with ladies who have such a drive & passion to create every chance they get. Sketchbooks were pulled out at every coffee shop, restaurant, and moment possible. Constantly creating/practicing.

Photos in Mexico

Between the eight of us we probably took 10k photos😂. All of us constantly looking for shapes, shadows, colors, compositions, etc. It took us forever to go anywhere. And we were all totally fine with it.

We also walked at least 10k steps a day. Always looking for new inspiration. And Oaxaca was the perfect place for it as it’s packed to the brim with beauty, culture, charm, art, and heart.

New Inspiration

It was so nice to be with people who “get” you. Who all know what it’s like to be an artist and all that entails🤪.

This group was an absolute dream. I love you guys!❤️ @gaylekabaker @mokshini @blueshineart @augustwren @sdionbakerdesign @lorisiebert.studio @emilyonlife

P.S. one more fun thing, the ages ranged from 36-65 💕, which was also quite lovely! Thanks @mokshini for bringing our average down! 😂