Well, THAT was fun! We introduced a lot of beautiful and clever new clocks at the Atlanta Gift Show last week. It was great to have two signings so I could see and hang out with many of our customers! Crazy to think, but some of my customers I’ve known more than half of my life now! I’ve been at this a LONG time… and so have they. Going to the show really feels like going to a family reunion, it’s pretty cool.

Michelle with other Artists

This year I had the pleasure of also meeting up with several artist friends… Lori Siebert, Erin McIntosh, Anahata Katkin and Jim Shore, which is always a treat.

Another cool thing… In December of 2023, Lori Siebert and I ran an art challenge on Instagram for Santas with Enesco as the judge. They ended up selecting eight Santas by eight different artists to transform into dimensional figurines! This collection was introduced at the show as the Artist Gallery!

Michelle and Lori Siebert

The detail and how each artist was represented is incredible. Such a fun experience and outcome. Congratulations to @karladornacher @bethlogansart @snippetsofwhimsy @lorisiebert.studio @beckyhampson_design @karenhahndesigns and @lindasolovic!

xoxo- Michelle