It’s been a busy past month! I’ve been painting a lot (it feels amazing!), family & house stuff, sick twice😩 and I did the @cycleoregon ride!

I’ve spent the last couple of months building up my miles to prepare for the weeklong, 458-mile ride. I’d never come close to this many miles in a week before and it was quite intimidating. And I did it!!! It was hard. But soooo worth it! The friendships, scenery, pushing myself, adventure, fresh air, discomfort, and pain… it made me feel alive.

Getting out of our comfort zones is SO important. This experience was a good reminder for me of that. And yes, I’m already scheming what should be next! :)


This month we also traveled up to Santa Cruz to see my Husband’s Brother & Mom. As well as to Washington to wish my Momma a Happy 72nd Birthday!

Last but not least, my 51st birthday is coming up! In celebration we’ll be running a 10% off sitewide sale to celebrate and say thank you for all your support and encouragement this past year!