This past month has been filled with new projects, family and summer fun... 

I sewed this pair of pants, which has been on my “want to do” list FOREVER! The lovely Anna Miller was a wonderful and patient teacher. I can’t wait to make another pair.  

I also visited an old stomping ground of my parents up in Troutlake, WA - Troutlake Hall (formally known as The Troutlake Tavern). I was feeling very sentimental as it’s been right at 3 years since my dad passed.  

Been working in my studio (actually - our dining room) like a crazy person and loving it. It’s incredible how much daily practice can make a difference. The growth I’ve been seeing is exciting and encouraging. I’m also currently reading/listening to the audio version of Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday. Highly recommend! 

pickled vegtables, michelle allen umbrellas

Still enjoying pickling veggies! Here’s a recipe that is pretty close to what I do... AND WE HAVE UMBRELLAS!!! I am SO jazzed about these beauties! You can sign up to be notified when they arrive in stock later this year. 

 And last but definitely not least… our oldest daughter and her family have moved to Arizona! We’re so excited to have them nearby.  

kids and family with signs

Our youngest and her family are still in Montana, which we’ve already visited once this year and will be heading back up to visit again in the next few weeks. The grands are all growing so fast. Loving their spunkiness and seeing their little individual personalities develop more and more.  

Hope you’re doing well, enjoying the summer and loving your favorite people hard.