I’ve been thinking about this topic quite a lot lately. I’m over 50 now and who knows how long I will have a strong and healthy body to travel and see all the things I still want to see. I’m not trying to be a downer; I’m just being realistic.

Let’s just say I’m physically capable till I’m 80… I do one trip a year…that means I have 29 trips/big adventures left.

And I still haven’t even seen the Grand Canyon! Haha!

Michelle Allen's vacation adventures

I have, however, been fortunate to have already traveled to some amazing places.

Some of my favorite travel memories are Vietnam last year with my husband for our 30-year wedding anniversary, Venice on a solo quick trip for $69 while visiting my husband in France, San Miguel, Mexico to teach at an art retreat, Portugal for our 28th wedding anniversary, Joshua Tree and riding our bikes through Glacier National Park.

Michelle Allen vacation destinations

I am truly a homebody at heart, but I do love a good adventure from time to time. Ideally, I like my travel to include some nature, physical output (walking/cycling), good food, art, pretty colors, walking the backroads and going off the beaten path to get a better sense of the reality of the area.

Some places I’d still like to see/experience are:

Antelope Canyon, AZ
revisit Alaska
Mexico City
Grand Canyon
African Safari
Hike the Camino de Santiago
New Zealand
Majorca, Spain to ride bikes
Sedona, AZ
Arches National Park
Costa Rica
Bandelier National Monument, NM
Cotswolds, England

I’m sure there are many I’m not thinking of at the moment but it feels good to write these down and hopefully start planning on how I’m going to begin crossing them off my list!

How about you, where do you hope to travel?

xoxo - M