Replacement Pendulum Piece

Get your clock back up and swinging with a replacement pendulum piece!

Has your pendulum stopped swinging? Check out our troubleshooting guide here!

We have had several similar designs over the years (such as kettles, wine bottles, turtles, cats, flowers, crosses, and more!), and knowing your exact design will ensure we send you the correct replacement pendulum piece!

Our pendulums are uniquely created for each clock, and all vary in length and weight. For this reason, not all pendulums are interchangeable. If you are unsure of your design, and you do not see a picture of it on our website, please take a quick photo of the FRONT of your clock and upload it below.

*Please note, we are unable to ship orders without knowing the exact design.

If you have any questions before placing your order, please email:!


Please specify the name of your clock that needs a replacement and/or upload its image below.
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