***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

Meet the Team

Favorite Design: Eye See You Eyeglass Case

Michelle is the creative and business brain of Allen Designs. She has always had the dream of doing something big with her art, and at a Saturday Market, years ago, Michelle marked the start of what would become Allen Designs, a World of Whimsey. Her lack of schooling did not stop her from learning everything she needed to know to grow a successful business. There is no shortage of getting her hands “dirty” because she believes that is where the magic happens.

In her free time, she cherishes being with her family and grand babies. She also enjoys traveling, exploring and cycling with her husband, Gary. Michelle is always inspired by the beautiful and imperfect world around her.

Favorite Design: Frog Shopper Bag

Gary has been, and continues to be, Michelle’s biggest supporter and #1 fan. He was there, cheering her on when this was all still a dream and now he is working behind the scenes to help keep the business running. People and taxes get paid because of him.This bionic man thrives off cycling, traveling and being a huge soccer fan! Gary is a happy husband, father and grandfather and loves devoting time to his family.

Favorite Design: Buckley

Being the office floater at Allen Designs fits Jennifer’s personality to a rainbow T. She enjoys the variety of work and projects that continually come her way. She love, love, loves working for such a creative artist and dedicated team. She is grateful to be part of such a dynamic company.

Jennifer and her awesome hubby are empty nesters spreading their wings. They are involved in community theater as well as other creative pursuits and passions. In the absence of their adult children, they spoil their fur babies. She loves Basset Hounds, Unicorns and likes all things sparkly. Her favorite color is rainbow and coffee is her favorite food group.

Favorite Design: Blossoms

If you call Allen Designs, you will likely talk to Miranda. She is our troubleshooting expert, processes orders, and loves decorating our office!

In her free time, Miranda likes taking road trips with her husband, painting, and hunting down gems in thrift stores. She loves to smile and laugh! She is also a big homebody and enjoys sipping black coffee, cozy sweatshirts, and reading a good book.

Favorite Design: Pretty Kitty

She may have been the one to take your call, process your order, and reply to your email! She loves working at Allen Designs and is happy to do it all!

Mom to two amazing kids, and married to her sweetheart, Melody just adores her family! Included in her family are her dependently independent kitties and her big ol’ dogs. She has tattoos, wears red lipstick, and kicks butt. Her brain is 90% fun facts, movie quotes, and song lyrics … the other 10% is a hoarder’s craft room. Music is her life source and Disneyland is her happy place! You can take the girl out of SoCal, but you can’t take the SoCal out of the girl!

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