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yummy pumpkin acorn cupcakes

 i was inspired by my last post about the fall cupcakes i made a few years ago.
wanting to see what they’d look like a little more… um, less blue.

i wrangled my oldest into helping me, since she is a much better baker than i.
bake it pretty cupcake liners

she found this recipe from mini baker for the pumpkin cupcake portion, and it is AWESOME!

cream cheese frosting.

for the acorns i heated the little caramels up in the microwave just enough to make them pliable.
then hand formed them into somewhat-acorn shapes.
dipped the cap part in some melted chocolate and then rolled them in the chocolate sprinkles.
simple and relatively quick.

i think i like the white frosting a little better than the slightly toxic blue.
maybe i’m just finally growing up?
well… probably not.

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  1. So cute…the white ones look more conservative, but I bet you`d get the artists vote for the blue ones!!! Because life without loads of color is just way too boring!!! lol Love them in both shades…very professional!!

    Hugs Giggles

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