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***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

What to do with ALL THAT RHUBARB?

Why not make Rhubarb Infused Alcohol?!

Being on lockdown has definitely made me want to be more domesticated. Along with wanting to use things I already have around the house. Easter was coming and of course we hadn’t planned ahead of time. I really had nothing to give my adult children. So, my husband and I searched around for what we had… and that was RHUBARB! Now what to do with ALL THAT RHUBARB!?

And since they’re both young married adults, we thought it would be fun to make them something we would have never dreamed of making them (or condoned to be honest) a few years ago. A special Rhubarb treat!

Simple, Handmade Infused Booze was the answer!

I searched recipes for Rhubarb & Ginger infused Gin and there is quite a spread of ideas and measurements so we figured we would just kind of meet in the middle between them. We finally had our answer to “what to do with all that rhubarb”!

As a result, we did about 1.25 cups of white sugar, 2-2.5 cups of chopped rhubarb and 2 tbls-ish of sliced ginger. We put this in a quart jar and filled to about an inch from the top with medium quality gin. Shake once a day till the sugar is completely disolved. Then let sit out of direct sunlight for approx. 3 weeks and then serve however you’d like! Maybe add some lime and tonic to make this! *don’t mind my crazy droopy tulips! haha! they were obviously having a day! maybe too much gin ;)! Oh, another trick we learned… if your jars leak, add a square of parchment paper, totally worked and also made them look so much cuter in my opinion.

To make it the perfect handmade gift, add a cute label.

And of course, I decided I need to make labels to go with them. Which I wanted to offer to you as well! So here’s a link to download your FREE Rhubarb & Ginger Infused Gin Labels. Have fun and I’d love to see/hear if you make this so make sure to tag me on social media @allendesignsstudio or shoot me an email. xoxo-michelle

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