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it’s late and i’m tired.
besides a few short breaks, i’ve been sitting at this computer all day long.
but i’m on a roll and figure i might as well finish it off with a blog post!

be your own lightbe your own light inspired self portrait

i’m currently in the middle of a 4 week ecourse, Be Your Own Light,
created by the talented and inspirational Vivienne McMaster.
and i am loving it!
the daily prompts, the creative play, the treasure like hunt for light.
i’m taking pictures that i would have never considered taking before.
this is the kind of thing that makes me HAPPY, HAPPY!

allen designs studiopicked up this old aluminum locker for the Allen Designs/Close2myArt studio last week.
okay, junk makes me happy too!

crocheted earrings portland artist
crocheted earrings by moss handmade, a gift from my husband.
we’re preparing to celebrate our 20th year of marriage in the next few weeks.
wow, how time flies.
perhaps there are many things that make me happy…

green smoothieslastly, i’ve finally jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon.
thanks to the dear Lacy Like.
it’s been 2 weeks of eating healthy (no sugar, bread, pasta, preservatives) & daily green smoothies.
i was feeling really great until yesterday, where the wheels felt like they were falling off the bus!
since then i’ve been having the overwhelming urge to go out and get myself some spicy cheetos & a milkshake.
i have barely, BARELY i tell you, kept my self control.
i’m trying to last 30 days.
we’ll see.

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  1. Green smoothies YAH!!! Happy Almost 20th Anniversary! That is so great. I hope the two of you will be doing something that celebrates your marriage, love and joy for each other!!!

  2. OK. Love the locker, earrings are great, 20 years of marriage-fantastic! I have to draw the line at green smoothies. I like the idea of them, but the taste? Let’s face it, they can be pretty nasty. My approach to healthy eating is: everything in moderation & get a good amount of exercise. We weren’t meant to deprive our bodies of everything that is bad for us. Just have less of it and more of the good stuff & it will all balance out. Plus I am too set in my ways to deprive myself now! LOL!

    Good luck my friend, you are stronger than I. 🙂

  3. Loving that picture of you! You are beautiful!!
    Those earring are so amazing! Love them
    And, if you give into your cravings, it’s just a mini detour, not a complete fail. You are doing great!!

  4. You can do it! You can totally do it! The cravings are almost always mental and those are the real toughies. When I get big bad craving I do one of three things…
    1. talk about it and throw a mini fit then get over it
    2. go right to cliff and ask for a hug and stay there in his arms until I feel better.
    3. make herbal tea or get busy doing something other than thinking bout the craving.

    you’ve totally got this!

  5. Hi, Michelle! Congrats on 20 years! That’s wonderful! Love the locker, too – I happen to love other people’s junk as well, especially when it’s FUNKtional, and I can repaint it. :o) I’ve been off sugar, and all things gluten since beginning of January. I feel like a million bucks, and am dropping weight left and right. I had pizza yesterday, and I’m regretting it today feeling like pooh, and a whooping great headache.Cravings are harsh, but the do go away and then – you don’t want sugar anymore. You find it in other healthy stuff. Good luck!! you’ll be fine!!

  6. you can do it! i have been off sugar for a month now and it’s HARD. tell your husband to eat a cookie and then kiss you. 🙂 HA! when i am desperate i just make some coffee.
    and i love your file cabinet.

  7. Oh wow – good for you. In my head I would love to cut out sugar, wheat, etc…but my will power isn’t quite there yet. Oh well, baby steps..I have the no preservatives thing down for now. 🙂 Enjoy Viv’s course – she’s a gooder!

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