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as some of you may already know, cause you follow me on instagram (allendesignsstudio), i was asked to paint a violin for a charity event put on by the Vancouver Symphony & Orchestra.
i had told myself earlier this year that i wasn’t going to say “yes” to any additional charity pieces through the rest of the year. but, when the violin came up, i just couldn’t say no.
i LOVE music. and who wouldn’t want to paint on such a beautiful instrument!

symphony fundraiser violin
here she is as she came to me.

some of the progression.

violin_art_charity_3 copy
i played the flute in 6th grade and i sucked. i really wanted to be good at it.
i practiced. and practiced. a lot. (my mom may disagree, but it felt like it was A LOT)
i had no rhythm. nor patience. so i quit.

if you look closely, there’s a string missing. that would be due to my lack of stringing-an-instrument-skills!

violin_art_charity_6 copy
i was determined to paint a rose. i’ve wanted to for a long time and i just decided i was going to work at it until i got it.
roses are HARD! in the end, i’m pleased with how it turned out. happy with myself that i pushed through the good hour of frustration that it took to paint and repaint till it actually looked like a rose.

violin_art_charity_4 copy

i love how this turned out. it’s playful yet serious. free yet organized.
Playing it Forward auction Nov. 1st.

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  1. Love love love it! Seriously. Beautiful! Love the Rose and what’s funny is I’m sitting here looking at a bouquet of roses I started painting two days ago and wondering how I’m going to finish them so you are my inspiration! Love ya sweetie!

  2. What particularly impresses me is that there is some very nice art in that collection, and yours 1) holds up strong against 2) other excellent art pieces! Good for you! Beautiful piece.

  3. I am so loving this piece of wall-jewelry! It is SO gorgeous! The perfect colors, the unmistakably Michelle-style in a new format. Classic and funky and formal and freaky all at once. Did I mention I LOVE it?!

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