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make your desktop pretty! may desktop wallpaper

today IS going to be SUBLIME! i hope you enjoy this month’s free desktop wallpaper. our Allen Designs wiggles clock can be found here. i like the idea of making that statement as i wake to encounter each day. my days ARE better when i begin with that kind of attitude. sometimes it’s fiercely hard. there are people & things that are…

recycled vintage ornament wreath DIY

i made this vintage & recycled ornament wreath probably 5 years ago. it is my very favorite christmas decoration to pull out every year. although, not the easiest to store away.  angel is by renowned american folk artist debbee thibault. for this project you will need: a good 3-4 hours! glue gun & plenty of glue sticks styrofoam wreath (i…

hello from china

i made it here to shenzhen, china safe & sound. i’m looking forward to a productive week in the factory developing our 2013 allen designs winter line. as usual the travel time was long and tedious. about 16 hours total flight time + a little over an hour by bus. penguin heads for soap spitters coming here a few times…

in all her glory

she is finally completed. ©2012 Michelle Allen, Bookworm. Acrylic, pencil and ink on wrapped canvas, 30″ x 40″ x 2.75″. there are many layers involved in this painting. more than i would have preferred to be quite honest. there are many emotions involved. also more than i would have preferred! but in the end, i am pleased…


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