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Shopper Bag Giveaway!

Lately I’ve been dreaming of traveling and all the places I want to visit. So for this giveaway, I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject! And speaking of traveling and shopper bags… I always pack one of these handy gems folded up in my suitcase just incase I have more to bring back with me than what I went with. Works like a charm, you need one, so don’t miss out and enter to win!!! 🙂 



1. Leave a comment on this post: Telling me THREE things that are on your BUCKET LIST.

2. Share us with your friends on Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment (here on the blog) letting me know you did.

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Contest will close Saturday, Sept.24 at midnight PST, (winners announced Mon. Sept.26).

To enter the Facebook drawing, there will be a post up on our Facebook Page on FRIDAY, Sept 23rd. that you can comment on to enter there as well.

Comments (64)

  1. Ok firstly I have shared this fantastic comp…who would not want one of your bags????
    Bucket list :
    * to go to a health /spa retreat some where exotic
    *hot air balloon ride over the New Zealand country side.
    *river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest

    1. 1) Continue with one 1/2 marathon a year to continue consistency in running
      2) My boys and I to volunteer at North Clark County Food Bank
      3) Finish my online bachelors degree while maintaining sanity

  2. Bora Bora….. Hut over the water
    See all 4 Grandkids grow up
    Did I say Bora Bora….Hut over the water?!?

  3. Visit my birth place- South Korea. I was adopted at the age of 4 and remember nothing. It would be neat to see if it brings back some good memories.

    Learn to surf someplace tropical even though I’m getting older.

    Road trip visiting every state.

  4. Love to share and have done
    My list includes:
    Blossom Festival visit
    see “starry starry night”
    and, live in another country for a while

    Have a great day

  5. Bucket list:
    Travel to Hungary
    Own a yarn shop
    Visit a few of the local yarn shops across the USA that I have done business with via the Internet

    I have shared via FB!

  6. Shared!
    Fell like a princess in the Castels of Scotland.
    Skydive with my husband before we’re old enough to brake a hip!
    Explore something beautiful in all 50 states.

  7. Shared to FB! Your designs are the definition of HAPPY!!!
    Bucket List:
    1. Christmas markets in Germany
    2. To watch glass blowing in Venice
    3. To spend an entire week near a body of water with my entire family

  8. Go on a Christmas market tour in Europe with a side of checking out wild beers in Belgium
    Kayaking in Alaska – did it in 2004 and it was fabulous – must do again!
    Learn how to mountain bike without breaking leg…long story

  9. 1-my all-time dream is to go to Austria!
    2-NYCin the spring
    3-An entire/full family vacation at a gorgeous, beachfront house on the Oregon coast

  10. I have one more state to go, Colorado. I want to camp for a month in Yosemite National Par.k. I have always wanted to see Quebec.

  11. Bucket List . . .
    1) To not kick the bucket anytime soon.
    2) Italy, Thailand, Dubai.
    3) Spend a week in NYC every Holiday season.

  12. 1. See the beauty of Yellowstone.
    2. Feel the cold of Alaska.
    3. Hear the splash of waterfalls in the USA.

  13. My Bucket List:
    1 – Explore the countryside of Ireland
    2 – Go to Oregon for 2+ weeks
    3 – Retire early!!!

  14. Visit Peru (Machu Pichu) and Bolivia
    A tandem parachute jump
    Exhibit a quilt at the Festival of Quilts

  15. 1)Go to England and have tea & cake and see the sights
    2)Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    3)Have a book signing for my very own published picture book (I don’t have one yet, but that’s also on the bucket list!)

  16. Shared on Facebook.
    Bucket list:
    1) tour Switzerland
    2) learn Spanish
    3) learn to play a guitar

    – Seeing Hillary Clinton sworn in as President !
    – Attending a concert at Red Rocks CO
    – Winning on of these beautiful Allen Design bags !

    I have liked & shared your Facebook page with my friends !

  18. 1. I dream of driving all the way across the country with my family- for weeks and weeks. Stopping and starting whenever we want.

    2. Also My husband and I were lucky enough to go on safari and tour South Africa. Now I would love to recreate the experience with my grown children.

    3. My favorite trip every year is to Austin TX – which is where my oldest child lives, just looking forward to the next trip.
    Sharing …

  19. I would love to tour a castle in another country. I would love to visit Hawaii and I would love to visit Switzerland!

  20. My 3 buckle list are
    Visit Italy
    Explore the Grand Canyon
    Finally be able to meet my father who I don’t know know who he is
    And if I can ask for something else I want a bag ❤

  21. 1st, I signed up for your newsletter even though I already get it 😉
    2nd, I shared and liked on Facebook
    3rd, Bucket list (only part of it)
    1. Spain
    2. Road trip to Zion, Yosemite and the giant Redwoods
    3. European river cruise with Amsterdam on the itinerary

  22. Bucket list : (1) Travel to every location where my ancestors lived with the amazing bag I win (2) Take my kids to Disney World (3) live to be 100 while still enjoying my amazing bag

  23. 1. Coast to coast trip including New England fall colors and PEI, Canada. (I’m from CA) in our vintage travel trailer.
    2. Cruise Alaska inner passage and see interior sights.
    3. Finish my quilt to-do list.

  24. 1. Coast to coast trip including New England fall colors and PEI, Canada. (I’m from CA) in our vintage travel trailer.
    2. Cruise Alaska inner passage and see interior sights.
    3. Finish my quilt to-do list.
    Sharing this now.

  25. 1/ go on a narrow boat (going in October)
    2/ See Ozzy Osbourne
    3/ Learn how to screen print (I have a kit but it scares me!)
    Shared your page on Facebook
    Signed up to newsletter

  26. Travel to Ireland with hubby, 2017
    Go to Africa with cousin, 2017
    Go fishing and camping with hubby this year.

  27. 1. Moved here from Alaska-find employment so I can afford my bucket list!
    2. Visit Switzerland
    3. Make lots of new friends and immerse myself in my new life in WA
    and explore all WA has to offer!

  28. 1. Moved here from Alaska-find employment so I can afford my bucket list!
    2. Visit Switzerland
    3. Make lots of new friends and immerse myself in my new life in WA
    and explore all WA has to offer!
    PS liked and shared and commented on your Facebook

  29. 1) Bucket List
    -Slow travel to Bali 3 months
    -Zip line (upside down) in the Costa Rica rainforest
    -Explore New Zealand & snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
    -Finish all of our chores on the never ending To Do list…
    2) Shared with my peeps on FB because they’d want a bag too
    3) Already signed up for the newsletter

  30. Bucket List: visit Australia, someday go to Egypt, downsize my Stamp Resource Center

    Shared with my friends/family on FB (in case someone wants to take me to Australia)

    Signed up for newsletter

  31. Bucket list, visit Greece, jump out of a plane….on purpose, live on the beach.
    Shared and signed up!
    I have one of your clocks in my kitchen, love it! And get so many compliments.

  32. 1. Travel to Japan.
    2. Travel on a train to British Columbia.
    3. See the Grand Canyon
    I’m a subscriber and I shared on Facebook. Liked and commented.

  33. 1. Retire to a home on the beach
    2. Go to Greece
    3. Get a tattoo
    I subscribed and shared on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity. I have the blue bird clock and LOVE it!

  34. I love these bags so much! I have two, that you generously gave to Kathie Vezzani to share with her trips to Mexico, and I would love to have another. Three’s the charm, right?

  35. Three Bucket List items:
    1). Visit Australia.
    2.). Conquer my biggest phobia.
    3.). Have my own studio space.

  36. I love your whimsical ideas!




  37. Retire and work on becoming a better painter.
    Work on landscaping my yard. This after spending my entire summer recovering from hip replacement.
    Travel to beautiful places and take photographs along the way.

  38. I shared to Facebook!!!!
    *****Bucket List*****
    *Go to a warm island with the man of my dreams
    *Get organized
    *Go back to work

  39. 1) Have a family of my own
    2) Travel to Scandinavia and see Northern lights
    3) Fly in a hot-air balloon

    I already have the OWL bag (I have the whole OWL collection) but I couldn’t find the TURTLE one in France, I absolutely love it!!

    I’ve shared your page on Facebook 😉 and I had already subscribed to your newsletter.

  40. Since I got my hummingbird clock a few weeks ago, I’ve fallen in love with your clocks. I’d like to get my daughter the mermaid clock – since she saw mine and checked out the others. Journals are awesome and the soap dispensers (I love cats!) are on my list as well. Thanks for sharing your amazing designs with us less artistic folks!

  41. I have shared this on facebook.

    1. Live to see my 3 great grandchildren graduate from high school
    2. Travel to the British Isles and to Germany with my hubby. I would like to see Ireland, land of my ancestors and my hubby would like to return to Germany the land of his ancestors.
    3. Go skydiving.

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