Pinterest fun…

from decorating inspiration to yummy healthy eating ideas, pinterest seems to have it all!
the challenge is- not just spending all that time perusing the beautiful pics, but actually putting ideas into ACTION.
this week, i’m promising myself to either make this beet sandwich or delicious looking salad.

Bright Bedding  |  Beautiful Beet Sandwich  |  Vintage Mint Bathroom

Colorful Crocheting  |  Luscious Green Salad Turquoise T

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  1. I know! I had to slow down with Pinteret, it was taking too much time. Time that I used to spend ARTing. So now, I only spend maybe an hour every second week. Otherwise it becomes way to overwhelming. The avocado-salad looks yummy, though… maybe I´ll have a go at that myself! 🙂

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