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***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

My Home Art Studio Tour

in case you didn’t make it out to the Clark County Open Studios this past weekend i thought i’d give you a little “virtual tour” of my home art studio.


i will admit, i like organization and places for everything to go.
hence, the abundance of dressers and containers.



this is where i spend most of my time… unfortunately.
i’m thankful to have a nice window that looks out over the street and a pair of beautiful Ginkgo trees.





i really need to pare down my paints. i can’t resist a pretty color.
but then it almost overwhelms me when i go to paint.


i love this old library cart i got at a garage sale years ago.


thank you for visiting.


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  1. I just love your work! I am originally from Vegas and stumbled across your blog from another blog I read- eighteen25 (3 sisters also from Vegas). Anyway, I am currently up in Canada and was wondering how I could make a purchase of some of your beautiful art. I just love it!

  2. I just found your shop, duh! I am a little sleep deprived these days with baby #6 still keeping me up all night. I can’t wait to do a little shopping =).

  3. Aw, you need to paint more, these paintings are so awesome and makes me happy! Take time to paint I say. Thanks for the tour, the library cart is very cool.

  4. Just fabulous Michelle! Congrats on your visions and dreams continuing to grow and flourish! Hugs!

  5. Hi Michelle, I received your sewing machine clock as a gift from a very dear friend and couldn’t wait to investigate more of your work. I just love your studio and as I am in the process of reorganising my sewing room, I can only hope the end result is as organised as yours. Keep up the brilliant work.

  6. Found your place by accident while looking up someplace else with a similar name. What a find! Oopsies like this are why I end up on my computer all night. I love your sight and I haven’t even read your “goals, etc” Thanks for the peep. More later. Susie

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