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***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

Garden Gate Mural Painting

Painting a mural has been on my “list” for a very, very long time.
Several weeks ago I decided I just needed to go for it and not over-think it.

gate before photoMy small side gate seemed like a good place to start painting a mural.

paint from Home DepotI began by taking a picture of my gate and doing the design in ProCreate on my iPad.
Which worked out great for choosing colors that went well with my existing fence and house.
Then to Home Depot I went!

paint pricesAnd I was SO not prepared for this!
In hindsight, I bought  WAY too much paint for this mural.
The quarts were quite the overkill as I didn’t use a entire sampler size in a single color.

so many colors of paint

lunch and progressI set up my camera and was going to video the process but realized a good 30 minutes into it that it only recorded about 3 minutes of me painting. ugh, next time.

painting garden muralLook at how happy I am to be finally doing this. 😉
I believe a lot of my fear and procrastination on projects like these comes from the possibility of not being happy with the finished product and having to spend time redoing them. I really need to get over this mindset.

side view of gate green pink and black mural process painting mural garden gate mural
All finished. I love how bright and cheery it ended up.
Hopefully my neighbors all like it too. haha! 🙂


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