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***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

Funky, fun Planters & a Giveaway!!!

One of my favorite products I’ve worked on to date are these hand painted planters! Maybe because I love plants and cute pots and can’t seem to ever have enough of them!
I also LOVE that if you don’t feel like planting, you don’t have to! A standard 4″ pot easily slips right down inside! We also designed them with a plug in the bottom for optional drainage.

And to celebrate all this goodness, we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!

There will be FOUR WINNERS 
One winner will be drawn from the comment section on this post!
One winner from the comments/shares on Facebook!
One winner from comments on Instagram!
One winner from Our Newsletter Subscribers!


1. Leave a comment on this post: Telling me your favorite planter and your favorite plant

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Contest will close Friday, October 6th at midnight PST, (winners announced Mon. Oct.9th).

**Contest open to US residents only. Plant not included


Comments (125)

  1. I love the turtle planter you have here, and succulents are my favorite since they are fairly easy to maintain and beautiful!

  2. The turtle is so cute, followed by the owl. I like orchids or the soft leaves of African violets.

  3. They are all adorable, but I think my favorite is the little bird! I would fill it with succulents!

  4. Love! Love these! My favorite is the fish. I’d plant succulents or herbs for an indoor kitchen garden. Thanks for the chance!

  5. The cat or the owl with a succulent! Also I have one of your dog clocks that is identical to my puppy!

  6. The turtle has been my favorite, but I’m beginning to feel affection for the little birdie. She could have a little fern for feathers

  7. Love the bird and cat! My favorite plant right is a banana leaf??? It’s super long and the leaves are banana shapes.

  8. Slow and steady turtle always touches my heart❤️ Love this sweet pot with succulent.

  9. I absolutely love the fish planter. I love any kind of succulent or a wandering jew. I have an ocean theme house and can never find anything nice to put my plants in.

  10. These are all so charming but my fave is the lady…I’d plant some succulents for her hair. <3

  11. Wow Michelle they are all so delightful & as always your innovation is considerate to the end IE the drainage hole. As soon as I spotted your lovely lady she me feel so peaceful i’d love to have her around my home for sure.

  12. I love ALL your planters, so cute ! I have one of your soap dispensers and smile every time I use it.

    My pick on the planters would be the turtle or the bird with legs – one of those would look so cute out on our lanai. One of my favorite plants is the Red Aglaonema. I love the red & green mix. I also like Lemon Coral Sedum, it would look really cute in that Turtle 🙂

  13. This is a tough decision – I am torn between the turtle, fish and cat but think I would go with the turtle. Have never had one of your planters but do have your frog and whale clock. Every time I walk by them, I have to smile. They are fabulous! I bought a frog clock for my daughter and son-in-law who are biology teachers. They loved it as I knew they would. The planters have the same mix of colors that is so unique. These are crafted with love and imagination, not rubber-stamped. Next Spring I will be visiting friends in Dallas and will keep a sharp eye out for which planter or clock would work best in their house as a thank-you give.

  14. I’m not going to be picky I Love Love Love all of them…you are creative and talented beyond words. Inspiring comes to mind!!

  15. The cat! Reminds me of a special cat we had who adopted us. I would put catnip in it in her honor and for the pleasure of the adorable cat we have now!

  16. I like them all, but I think I like the lady most. I would plant some type of cactus in her. Very cute!

  17. Oooh, I love the owl with the plant you have in it here!! What is that plant called? Thank you! ♥

  18. Bye Bye Birdie is my favorite! I love spider plants. My mom had them all over our house growing up.

  19. I’m a turtle girl from way back, and your ‘Turtle planter” is spectacular!! You are so wonderfully creative, I love your work.

  20. Love all of them. Since I have to choose one, I think it would be the cat, or maybe the fish, or maybe the owl, or the turtle. I guess it would have to be either the cat or the fish – cat fish – bwhahahahaha. My favorite plant is what looks like an angel plant. If I have to pick one, it would be the cat.

  21. The turtle is my favorite! I love the succulent in the fish planter. They are all gorgeous though! They make me smile!

  22. I absolutely love the turtle–wouldn’t he look great with an ivy trailing out of his shell and cascading along beside and behind him. I can grow an ivy–the cats do not nibble on it–and it doesn’t require a lot of attention. Even if I do not win I will return to your website and order items for my girls for Christmas–you have very appealing work.

  23. These are all quite adorable but my favorite is the color shape and expression of the fish. I have a lot of favorite plants and flowers but I do enjoy the ease of care with succulents.

  24. Love the bird, then the turtle then the portrait of the woman. All great colors and style.

  25. The turtle is perfectly at peace with his job as plant holder. I bet he’s headed to a party to deliver this fine succulent. It might take hours, but he’ll get there at his own speed.

  26. I love the turtle and the fish, but they’re all fantastic! And I love succulents because they don’t succ. A I’ve been getting your newsletter for years, so don’t need to sign up again.

  27. The turtle is my favorite – I love his colors. My favorite plant is philodendron. Mostly because I can’t kill them. They just seem happy to grow in my home.

  28. Love them all…but my favorite is the lady planter.Have a gorgeous succulent that produces orange blooms.

  29. Picking a favorite…the woman but you know I love all of them!
    Favorite plant is Jade. What fun this is. Thank you!

  30. I love all of your planters but most especially the fish. It is wonderful! My favorite plant is my aloe vera plant. Thank you for all of your creative ideas and wonderful products!

  31. I will end up with all of them sooner or later…just ordered 2! However, the Blue Fish Planter is my favorite! I even like the name, so humble and so true…Blue Fish! Love anything about the ocean so that’s why it’s my favorite…and my favorite color.

  32. I really like the fish. My favorite plants are violets and orchids. All the planters are cute,

  33. I love love love the cat & woman planter! They are so unique and fun. My favorite plant at the moment is spider plants, they add so much to a room and they’re so easy to maintain! xo

  34. My favorite planter is the fish planter but with dracaena in it. It reminds me of many wonderful trips to the beach where I found beautiful, colorful pieces of beach glass. The scales of the fish look like strategically placed pieces of beach glass on the planter. The dracena reminds me of the plants found between sea oats and sea grass on the beach. The planter would compliment my crabby and shark clocks scattered around the house. Just love your funky designs!!!

  35. Wow! So hard to choose!!!!! I guess my first choice would be the Owl! And I love the succulent plants. Also, the second one I like is the other bird with the “mini” palm? They are all fabulous!! 🙂

  36. I MUST have the turtle planter for my daughter. She collects turtles. AND then my son loves his cat. AND the owl, that is me all over. You are so creative. Thank you for the opportunity to win a planter.

  37. The owl is a real hoot! I could see a lovely grass in it as you have displayed or mini daisy’s.

  38. I absolutely adore the owl planter. . .i might create a little fairy garden in this. , , love all actually
    Hope I win!

  39. I love the lady! Not really certain why! My favorite plants are succulents especially the paddle plant!

  40. Fun, feathery friends! I can’t stop loving the owl and the little bird! A little bit of wisdom, and a little bit of freedom! I would love to have a chance at any of your art, but something about your birds makes me want to smile!!! Add a little life-fern, succulent, ivy…you have yourself a flock of a party! You are amazing, my family gifts your clocks for all of our special occasions, each one unique as our family members!!!! Thank you for always creating brightness and fun!

  41. So I love the owl and cat pot but now I’m also in love with Bye Bye Birdie. Perfect for my favorite succulents. Nice job!

  42. Thanks for a fabulous give away. I love the lady followed closely by the cute bird. My favorite plant that I have been able to grow is an Arrowhead vine. Really great for indoors.

  43. I love the lady planter and lovely plant in it! Any plant I can keep alive in my house is good with me! 🙂

  44. I love them all but I think my favorite is the llama. And I like the plant in the turtle- some kind of succulent it looks like!

  45. The turtle because my granddaughter loves turtles. It would be fun to plant succulents in the turtle with my granddaughter.

  46. Hi love them all???? Very hard to decide???? But I like the little bird most and the fish . I have several of your clocks. They would all look good together ha ha . Thank you!

  47. I love these pots!! My favorite is the Rose Girl with my favorite Christmas Cactus coming out of her head. I can picture it already.

  48. The little, brown, speckled “bird” with legs is adorable! I have one of my grandmother’s plants (the name of it has long been forgotten) that will look so cute in the “bird”. Right now it’s in a simple, plain pot. Let’s make it “sing” with a “bird” planter. OK? 🙂

  49. I really love the Kitty Cat planter. I have a special little fern my grandma gave me and it would fit puuurrfectly in this planter. I also have 2 real cats that are my fur babies, but not as cute as your planter.

  50. Love them all – so whimsical and fun! But if I have to pick just one – I would choose the Cat. It’s hard to choose a favorite plant too – but I can see a Christmas Cactus in this planter, or maybe a Swedish Ivy.

  51. They are all so fun! But my favorite is the fish and I have to go with succulents because I can keep them alive! Lol

  52. I love the fish planter. I just start smiling when I look at him; whimsical, colorful and quite practical.

  53. I love the precious kitty cat! She looks a wee bit sassy and would look gorgeous with an orchid. Meow!

  54. My favorites (I couldn’t pick just one) are the fish, owl and bird. I’m so happy to see these in your collection!

  55. I love many of them. First instinct is the fish with a feather- haired fern to look like seaweed.

  56. I love the new planters! It is nice to have artistic options of well made products. I’m tired of all the white boring choices.

  57. I must have that fish!!! It is outstanding! And, really, what plant isn’t my favorite? I love them all but lately have wanted honeysuckle, baby tears, string of pearls and burros tail.

  58. I love all that you do. Such a talented artist. My favorite planter is the TURTLE and I would probably plant succulents in her. I have your sewing machine clock in my sewing room and get many compliments on it.
    My second favorite would be the little fish. I think I would plant a beautiful African Violet in him.

    Keep on doing what you do!!

  59. My favorite is the turtle! I would put something in it that is hard to kill like cactus.

  60. It’s virtually impossible to make a choice of my favorite planter because I adore the whimsy of all of them. Pin me down and I’ll say the fish (then the woman and the bird :-))) because it works perfectly in my Florida home (I have a whole room of fish!). I’d definitely plant an orchid in it. I have three of your clocks in my home and have given gifts from your store to friends and they are always joyfully welcomed. Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent.

  61. I love the fish and the turtle and I have one of the sewing machine clocks – it’s really special in my sewing room. I would plant an African violet because I really love them. I really enjoy seeing what creative things you think up – you have a really unique imagination!

  62. Love them all Michelle, but the cat would match my clock and hand soap pump I ordered from you. Some lavender in it and I’m good!

  63. I love the fish planter. We are a fishing family and it fits the bill perfectly. Pansies would look fabulous because there are such amazing colors that would compliment the pot without covering it up. I’m so excited to see them in person.

  64. I love the Rose Girl Planter! She looks like she’s peacefully meditating, filled with hope in the present. I would plant a succulent arrangement. We have lots of succulents in our area and they are super resilient, just like Rose Girl ????

  65. Hi! I love all your planters; but, if I had to pick one it would be the bird. It had such a cute expression. I’ve really been loving succulent s lately..but my favorite plant is the Christmas Cactus.

  66. I really love the cat pot as it looks just like my Maine Coon, Bella. Will get it and plant a fern in it. Very fun and perfect for my funky home!

  67. I’m so buzzed on your art work, I’m trying to enter more than once? The Kitty planter will match my kitty and mouse clock. I love it. Also the soap pump sitting near it that matches. I love the smell of Lavender so that’s what Id want in it. (Just a side bar)…. Love your hair style Michelle!

  68. My favorite is the Fat Cat Planter — I have my own fat cat, so I am partial to that one!
    My favorite plant is Ivy!

  69. I commented on Facebook – Carolsue Anderson
    I commented on Instagram – @Cezovski9
    I checked the subscribe box below so I should be a subscriber!

  70. These are fabulous! I’m a cat fanatic and would love the cat planter. But I really love them ALL! My mom is the plant expert and I would love to surprise her with one of these as she has been going through chemo all summer and she needs a pick-me-up. I gave her one of your soap spitters and she adored it!

  71. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Those planters are amazing! ♥

    My favorite planter is the lady’s head, and my favorite plant is phalaenopsis orchid!


  72. I like the little bird best. So cute. My favorite cactus is the one that doesn’t have thorns.

  73. My favorite planter is the fish!! I would put it in my beach themed patio room and plant lavender in it!!

  74. Just love your work! They are all awesome but my favorite is the owl and my favorite houseplant is the Ponytail Palm. Thank you for sharing your beauty and all you create!

  75. My favorite planter is the little bird on four legs that you have shown here. I don’t have a favorite plant. Thanks for the chance to win!

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