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February Desktop Calendar

anyone still there?


i totally don’t blame you if you’ve all given up on me.
please take this February Desktop Calendar as a token of appreciation for those of you who still check in on me!
click here for your copy of this month’s calendar.

i can’t even begin to go into all the things that have kept me from this blog.
in short- living life.
and a little longer- working a LOT, family, soccer and getting involved in the arts community locally.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Yes, I’m still here. Glad you are too. And I understand. Its funny, I actually stopped following loads of blogs because of the lack of posting of just the lack of interest on my part. But not you…
    take care and hope to hear from you soon(ish) :-),

  2. Thank you Michelle- I like to put these on my computer at work. My staff loves them! Lael said she had a great time at the game with all of you awhile ago.

  3. I let my blog sliding for weeks too and I just posted a “hello, I’m alive”. No time for creative things except at school. No time or mood for following my favourite blogs until today – thanks for your calendar.

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