Apr 1 2013

easter & chalkboard art

happy late easter friends.
easter for us was filled with- church, family, a walk in the hood, lots of laughter and WAY too much food!
hand lettering font typography chalkboard art

the beginnings of chalkboard art.
and don’t judge my bunny… he’s got some issues!

chalkboard art hand lettering easter
can i just say, i love the freedom of the chalkboard.
perhaps the knowing that it can, and WILL be erased makes it more fun.

easter candy polka dot dishwhat would easter be without a bowl of these babies.
well, besides healthier!

magical forest heart hairLOVE this picture of my youngest!  it’s just dreamy.
thanks cousin monica for making this shot happen!

off to get some painting done now.
and maybe a short run. 🙂

Mar 18 2013

dinner party & healthy snack

this weekend involved many things.
some really sad, that i don’t want to go into right now.
and some happy.

flowers & wineit was our turn to host our dinner group.
there are 4 of us couples and we rotate houses.
we try for once a month but realistically it ends up being quarterly by the time our schedules all line up.

and let me just say… all the other ladies are AMAZING cooks.
that’s how i choose my friends! shhhh. 😉

curly girl cardthat being said, when it comes to our turn i always majorly stress out.
i want to bless them the way that they’ve blessed me.

hence the perfect reminder in the curly girl design card!
and it did hold true. of course.

healthy snack rawraw healthy snacksone of the things i made where these made by girl inspired healthy coconut date truffles.
probably not very lo cal. but healthy & yummy nonetheless.

dinner group table setting
dinner groupthe table setting i kept simple as to not overwhelm myself.
flowers & candles that was it.

i have a habit of wanting to shoot for the moon and then being disappointed in myself when things don’t end up perfect.
any of you do that?

in the end, it’s really about the conversation & the people.
which both, as always, were wonderful!

are you in a dinner group?
do you do themes? games? conversation starters?
if you’re not in one, maybe it’s time to start one…

Nov 30 2012

recycled vintage ornament wreath DIY

i made this vintage & recycled ornament wreath probably 5 years ago.
it is my very favorite christmas decoration to pull out every year.
although, not the easiest to store away. 

angel is by renowned american folk artist debbee thibault.

for this project you will need:

a good 3-4 hours!
glue gun & plenty of glue sticks
styrofoam wreath (i used a 17″ flat not rounded one for mine)
lots and lots of ornaments, different sizes all the way down to minis if possible 
and fabric 

1. start by wrapping your wreath with strips (anywhere from 2″-5″ strips will work) of fabric and securing, fabric to fabric, with hot glue.

2. at this point you’ll want to tie a ribbon around the wreath for hanging.

3. then began hot gluing ornament after ornament on the top first, then move to the sides of the wreath. i started by gluing larger ones first saving the smaller ones to fill in the gaps later.

**make sure as you’re going along that it sits flat on your table as that is how it will hang on the wall.
**i tried to apply glue on as many sides that I can,  giving it as much security as possible.

 this is a wreath i made for my momma a few years ago…

have fun!
and i’d LOVE to see yours when your done!

Sep 29 2012

home tour- chalkboard wall & letter A wall

if you follow me on instagram (close2myart) then this is all old news to you…
i finally finished re-doing my chalkboard wall.
initially, i just painted directly over the lightly textured drywall.
but it ended up still having too many bumps to be able to get clean lines with the chalk and was driving me crazy!

i fixed it by: skimming it with plaster, letting it dry, then wet-sanding till it was smooth and painting it again.
much better!

and did you notice my clever little chalk & eraser holder made out  of  a vintage match safe?
it works so perfectly!
here are some other cute ones i found.

i have to throw in a few more shots of my letter “A” wall – taken with my good camera.

i’m so excited, valentina says she’s going to be designing a piece of  “A” art  soon.
i can’t wait to add it to my collection!

Sep 23 2012

nesting & decorating

i don’t know if it’s fall coming on-
but i’ve totally been in the mood to finish some projects and cozy up the house.
(once again, sorry for my bad phone quality shots) 

i was about ready to get rid of this piece and decided i might as well try painting it to see if i’d like it any better.

ahhhhhhhh.  much more to my liking.

found this awesomely old tackle box at an estate sale the other day for only $3!

the wall BEFORE

i can see lots of future chalkboard-art being done on that wall by us all.

hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.
that is… if everyone hasn’t given up on me and there are still people reading this blog! 


Apr 18 2012

colorful hand painted stairs

i warned you that i was going to keep going on and on about my hand painted stairs!  ha!
in reality… i needed to post them here on my new blog with my watermark and the quote reference.

the stairs lead from our living quarters to my home studio above the garage…
i thought this quote by john maxwell was quite appropriate for the location, and oh-so-true!

i painted them on 3/8″mdf  and then they were installed.

we used beat up oak for the treads so it would flow nicely into the studio space where we were able to use the salvaged oak floors from the original house.

here were a few of my inspirations…
1. stencil gallery  2. color between the lines  3. claudio paillalef  4. apartment therapy  5. style files
6. french by design  7. pinterest

Mar 28 2012

little dinner party & table setting

so a few weeks ago we had a few friends over for dinner.
we try to get together with these two couples about every other month, rotating houses.
this time it was my turn.
let me just say, the two other gals are AMAZING cooks.
i’m not so much.
i try. really hard.

i’ve slacked in the past, but this time…
i even set the table.

which, i still felt needed help!

please tell me.
what am i missing?
a runner? colored mats? table cloth?

for food, we went with an asian theme.
i successfully made wonton soup.
fried tofu… mediocre success
gary made stir-fry from this cookbook… amazing!
fried bananas… a little much.

in the end- thankfully it isn’t about the food. or the table setting.
it’s about getting together with friends and enjoying each others company.

and, we full hearted-ly did.

Mar 17 2012

what’s old, yellow & super cool?

it’s my latest find on etsy, of course.
i’ve always wanted a vintage coffee pot.
when i finally searched etsy to acquire one, this was one of the first ones to pop up.
and it’s perfectly me.
it was a “meant to be”.

and, it even works!

i plan on serving many batches of hot tea punch out of this big yellow beauty.

i’m a happy girl.

this weekend i’m DETERMINED to be productive & inspired.
i plan on running for one, since i’ve fallen off the wagon and didn’t run a SINGLE day this week.
painting for two, still many paintings to finish.
but mostly, just using my time wisely.