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Pinterest fun…

from decorating inspiration to yummy healthy eating ideas, pinterest seems to have it all! the challenge is- not just spending all that time perusing the beautiful pics, but actually putting ideas into ACTION. this week, i’m promising myself to either make this beet sandwich or delicious looking salad. Bright Bedding  |  Beautiful Beet Sandwich  |  Vintage Mint Bathroom Colorful Crocheting …

hello from china

i made it here to shenzhen, china safe & sound. i’m looking forward to a productive week in the factory developing our 2013 allen designs winter line. as usual the travel time was long and tedious. about 16 hours total flight time + a little over an hour by bus. penguin heads for soap spitters coming here a few times…

sunshiny day!

we finally had a sunshiny day here in the portland area! in celebration, my mom and i took a little walk around the neighborhood with our cameras. my husband and i celebrated our 19 yr. wedding anniversary a few days ago. 19 years, oh my!!! AND we still love each other. (well, most of the time anyways) we tried out…


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