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***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

biz cards and how useful facebook is

i know that there are all kinds of frustrating things about facebook and how they’re going about monetizing their site.
i share in much of that frustration, as it’s getting harder and harder to reach the people who have already chosen to “like/follow” my page.
there are some great reads & perspectives on this issue flitting around on the www.
hopefully with all the chatter they will figure out a way that works for all parties involved.


that aside, facebook did work for me this time!
i had 88 people give me feedback on my card options, totally helping me make a final choice and some small changes to the design.
thank you to everyone who took the time!


as you can see i went with rounded corners and a satin matte finish which i think visually add a lot.
i had them printed through overnightprints.com, i’m pleased with the printing quality, pricing and turn-around time.
but not so much with the cutting on the corners.
if you look closely you can see that there is a bit of choppiness going on.
i’ve emailed them to ask if this is common & acceptable but i have not heard back as of yet. 

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  1. I love your cards and your art. Found you thru IG feed. Just wanted to comment on the corner rounding from overnightprints. I’ve used them for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. My hubs also has used them for the same things. His business cards had no rounded corners, but there’s a slight shadow around some of his lettering that annoys me but not him or his clients. My rounded corners were choppy, uneven, and revealed white paper underneath making some of them look torn. My printing had the same shadows as his despite my using much better original file than his. Neither of us complained about our cards despite their not being perfect because it seemed picky. Both our envelopes were fantastic. My letterhead was great as well, but the first shipment every single sheet had a red line on it :-(. I was bummed because I had a huge mailing going out that week. They answered the phone on a Sunday and got my order to me right away. So. I’m not sure corner rounding is their speciality and it could be improved, but they do try to make things right quickly. With great pricing, good customer service, great paper, and fast turn around, I’d use them again but I’d consider doing my own corner rounding I guess.

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