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DIY Art Making Travel Bag

i love creating art in different places: a friend’s house, an art retreat, a blanket in the park.
the best way to be able do this i’ve found, is by having a designated art travel bag. easy to grab and go when inspiration hits.

the local craft stores never seemed to have all that i was looking for. so i had to create my own!

i ended up going to home depot/lowe’s (can’t remember which one) to find a tool bag.
something close, but may even be better, is this one I found here or here.
whichever one you decide on, make sure it’s a material that is porous and will accept the paint.

• first you’ll want to remove all labels, or pieces you don’t want showing, with small scissors or a seam ripper.
• next, i would recommend gesso‘ing it. which is basically priming it and will help the paint stick. to be honest, i didn’t and my bag is still fine many years and lots of use later. but, i may have just gotten lucky.
• then i just used all different kinds of acrylic paints and started layering colors and markings.
• when the paint was dry i used permanent ink to make smaller details. and then more paint again. the more layers the better is what i say!
• for the little flower on the pocket i used some felt and stitched it together first before using E6000 and gluing it to the bag.

once you’re all done it’s time to LOAD it up and go make art!
if you end up making yourself one i would sure love to see it.

happy art making friends!


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