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***FREE SHIPPING on all Retail Orders $50+***

6 Bag Giveaway & Thank YOU!!!

I’m feeling a bit sentimental right now and wanted to show you how much I appreciate YOU!!!
You guys are AMAZING! It’s because of you that I am encouraged on a daily basis, thank you!

p.s. these bags are a wonderful gift as they fit perfectly into a large envelope and are super easy to send.


bag givaway allen designs


1. Leave a comment on this post: Telling me what kind of art/theme you would want to see on a bag???

2. Share us with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment (here on the blog) letting me know you did.

Contest will close the evening of Monday, Feb.23.

To enter the Facebook drawing, there will be a post up on our Facebook Page on SATURDAY
that you can comment on to enter there. 🙂

Comments (290)

  1. I really like the colors and style in your heading on your blog, maybe that´s an idea? And I remember what my sister Astri says: there are three types of people, there are cat-people, there are dog-people and there´s the rest of us. You have two cat-bags, but no dog-bag. Might be a good idea, cat- and dog-people are very dedicated apparently. I have to add, that the quality of the bags is really good. I´ve used my four bags a lot the past months, moving all sorts of stuff in them, from clothes to tools. Seems like they are really durable. 🙂
    Oh, maybe you could do different styles! Like a dark goth, a flag-colored country-style one, an exotic Indian/Asian “travel-the-world” one… hm. There must be lots of styles you can accessorize with an Allen-bag!

  2. I would love to see a tree design. I shared you on FB. This would make a lovely B-day gift for ME! 🙂

  3. i think a Great Barrier Reef theme would be beautiful, all the stunning corals
    And colours of the water and fish 🙂

  4. Sharing this right now to my FB page! I love your designs, and would like to see your interpretation of a Geisha Design!! 🙂 ~Laurel~*

  5. I would love to see more spike and other dogs. Also a floral series, like Sunflowers.

    Shared on my FB

  6. I would love to see dog themed bags, perhaps to go with the clocks. I would especially love to see a dachshund! Love the colors and whimsy. We’re fans of your clocks and recently purchased them for our grandsons.

  7. Fabulous bags! In particular love the squirrel. Squirrels remind me of our girl dog that we lost 9 months ago at age 17 years, 2 months, 21 days. She loved squirrels and wanted to get them even for the first year or so after she went blind from glaucoma at age 7 years.

  8. I shared your post on FB to all my friends. I also like all of your animal prints. I think more insects would be cool. Also mushrooms! Love your work. Hope to win!

  9. Love to see Fitness themes…running, Jazzercise, Zumba, Aqua Fitness, or individual fitness moves. Hobbies as well… knitting, painting, sewing, crochet, stamp collecting, shell collecting. Kitchen and cooking themed, too.
    Shared on FB.

  10. I think a whimsical whale or narwhale or jellyfish characters could be fun. You’d make great characters out of them, I’m sure.

    Love the bags.

  11. maybe since you are a nw-based company, your wonderful artistic flair of nw animals – salmon, hawk, elk, bear etc!

  12. I would love to see nursery rhyme theme. . . .humpty Dumpty. . . Little BO peep. . . .mary Mary quite contrary. . . Etc
    Your colors are wonderful, fun, and put a smile on my face. thank you for this offer. keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  13. I will now share on facebook. . . . And hope you draw my name. . . Hope is a very good thing!

  14. Sugar Skulls would be GORGEOUS in this style! Even if I don’t win, I will own one of these bags soon! 🙂

  15. OMG! First of all, thank you for offering a give-a-way! That is super-uber cool!! Second, I would like nothing more than to see a SKUNK on on of your bags!!! And I would absolutely purchase it! I have collected skunks for over 40 years, and have inherited my grandmothers collection of skunks as well!

    So, SKUNKS it is, and THANK you for asking

  16. unicorn!!! My daughter and all her friends ages 8-15 are way into unicorns! Your artistic touch with unicorn would be awesome!

  17. I love all of your bags! I love the colors, the themes, and the mixed media feel. I would love one that has a funky giraffe! But, if I won, I would take any of them. Sharing on my Facebook!

  18. i would like to see more DOGS! love your unique and whimsical style! sharing on my facebook biz page … prim chick designs and on my personal page – lisa kast robinson thanks!

  19. Would love to see remaining since that has been mentioned, a coastal theme bag would be awesome. Sea turtle, shells, star fish, etc

  20. Oh more kitties! How about a sunset over the ocean? Ladybugs, baby bunnies, a lamb, a thunder storm! I shared this on FB!

  21. I shared you on Facebook and Tweeted about your giveaway! I’m flippingirl on Twitter. 🙂

  22. I love the frog. What about a quirky alligator/crocodile in the spirit of “How Doth the Little Crocodile” by Lewis Carroll?

  23. would love to see vintage beach stuff…buckets..umbrellas…shovels..sunglasses…etc…

  24. would love a vintage beach theme with a beach umbrella and buckets with shovels and such….and sunshine

  25. I gladly shared on facebook…also had another idea…how about condiments..like ketchup bottles and such for picnic items….love all the clocks I have purchased not only for myself but as gifts for others.

  26. id love to see flowers, freshwater aquarium fish , and poodles!
    My three favorite topics .
    I love your poodle clock and would love a bag !
    Gsrden flowers or spring flowers ? Blossoms, daffodils, iris, etc.
    Fidh, angelfish, tetras, an aquarium scene!
    I could sell all of the above at my shop.
    Posted on fb

  27. well I love Aileens flamingo idea bc I love flamingos!! But maybe a city scape would be super cool too! Like Paris, Nyc, London, San fransisco… Or maybe something really industrial.

  28. I like what your doing. Would love fairy even folk art styles.I would love to win a bag. Going to post and share on Facebook right now. Thank you for a chance.

  29. I think a cityscape of Vancouver/Portland would be fun all Michelle-Allen-tricked-out. A bike would be fun, or bright friendly fruits/vegetables would add some zip to mundane grocery shopping.

  30. I love your style of art. Every time I see your posts on Instagram, I don’t even have to look at the name to know they are your posts. This might sound crazy, but I would be interested to see your rendition of zombies. Lol

  31. have several of your clocks at home… Love them! Would love to see lions , giraffes , or a peacock on the bags!

  32. Oh Michelle, you know me – anything to do with baking – mixer, baked goods, utensils, aprons, etc. I LOVE my clock in the kitchen and the most common comment I get is that it fits me perfectly! I also love flowers and hummingbirds!

  33. Love your OWL bag and the Cat with the red bird the most! Ideas? A bag portraying adorable children; children with pets, flowers, etc. Smaller scale bags FOR children with sweet little girl things on them . . .
    Shared on Facebook.

  34. Something coffee related would be a great theme! So many people love coffee, so I believe it would draw a great deal of attention. Maybe a a french bistro with the traditional round table, ivy laced buildings, the red & white awning, flowing trees and plants with bright pastels.
    Maybe a French Press, a hand burr grinder, or even how the servers display the many cool designs with the foam (leaves, tree’s, etc). There is so much coffee paraphernalia to choose from, the ideas are simply endless!

    BTW… I’m Michelle’s brother, and I’ll vouch for the cool clock in her house. Yes, it most certainly fits her perfectly!

  35. i am an animal lover so I just love them all . A great theme would be ocean , or mutts of australia or things that fly lol

  36. I would love to see Lop eared Bunnies in your Artwork, but I love what you have done already…they are sooooo cutiFULL!

  37. Lovely and Fun! I love horses, cats and dogs..of which I have. But how about dragons….or Robots. I have tweeted and added this to my Pinterest…and will share on Facebook too.

  38. I think these bags are gorgeous! I would love to see Boston Terriers and another passion of mine is reading so I’d say anything with books.

  39. I just noticed your header-that would be awesome on a bag, maybe with a bird?
    Like just the few colors too

  40. I love these! The owl is one of my favorites. I would love tulips and hummingbirds too.

    Great gift ideas! Blessings on your business.

    You have always been wonderful to my niece Katy. I am grateful for that.

    Gigi Murfitt

  41. I would follow you anywhere: instagram, twitter, facebook!!!! And I’ve shared this too!! I’d like to see some tropical fish and for the holidays some angels and elves!

  42. I adore your art, have about 5 of your clocks, and love to give iyour art as a gift!!! I would do anything to see a elephant-my daughter loves them (she will be 2 next week

  43. …not just any ordinary elephant, a fancy girlie “Ellie” maybe even wearing a tutu

  44. Hows about Great Dane dogs and horses . . . . now that’s a real challenge I believe and may just get your creative juices flowing I hope?????
    Love all of your artwork and envy your fantastic creativity sooooooo much!!

  45. I have about 20 of your clocks. I love them. I would like to see something for teachers and some new dog clocks. I would also like to see more pLates.

  46. I just shared on Facebook and Pinterest. I love to browse this site. I still have a few more items I’d love to buy Or receive as a gift some day.

  47. A bumblebee and hive clock would be nice, but bugs are do cute. I have the ladybug clock now. How about a spider swinging from it’a web. I adore birds, especially hummingbirds.

  48. I would love to see more outdoor/skiing/biking art so I can decorate and brighten up our condo in Bend!!

  49. A bulldog or lady bug would be beautiful on one of your bags. Liked and invited friends on Facebook

  50. bumbelbees or dragonflies. I get so many compliments on my grocery bag- nearly every time I use it. I tell them it’s made by a local artist and give your name.

  51. Of the 6 bags you are showing, I love love love the flower arrangement; but I adore your animals too! On a new bag I would love to see something that encaptured the 4 seasons- maybe a tree in the 4 stages. I also have a soft spot for turtles and lady bugs :).

  52. I shared your page with my sister on Facebook.
    I would love to see something musical on a bag- music notes, a swirling keyboard… it would be lovely to have something like this to carry my piano music in when I have a gig. I would imagine a lot of music students would be interested, too! 🙂

  53. Your totes are fantastic, adorable, and make me think of Spring and Summer while I’m freezing here in Winter!! The six designs you’re showing – Love all of them. You should make some with butterflies! Am sharing on FaceBook.

  54. Shared on my personal and business page, as well as Twitter. (which as you know, I’d do even if there wasn’t a chance to win) I’d love a fun bird (other than the owl) or a puppy. (I LOVE my cups!)

  55. I can never decide which bag I love the best. I love your flower designs, but your animals are so fun too. You have cats, what about dogs, and foxes or birds would be great as wekk. I love your work! Deb

  56. shared….Angels, night sky Stars, clouds, feathers, hot air balloons, unicorn, rainbow, elephant

  57. Oh, your bags are beautiful! I would love to see a celestial theme…stars (of course!), sun, moon, planets and galaxies. Butterfly and dragonfly-winged people …I guess they would fairies or sprites? Thank you for sharing your lovely creations and inspiration!

  58. I would love a peacock,koi,more owls,eagle,pheonix. I love your stuff…great work.!
    Darlene Curry

  59. I would love to see a fun, happy, sunny flamingo, ocean and palm tree design. To brighten those dark winter days it would be a great bag to carry.

  60. I love all of your ideas! I think manatees are so awesome, how about those? Shared on facebook.

  61. The sun setting over the ocean…the sun rising behind a snow covered mountain. Oh and more cat characters. Love these bags….

  62. I live in Portland Oregon where it rains A LOT. Or if it isn’t raining the skies are grey. So it would be fun to see a design of someone or something CHEERFUL in the rain!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful art!

  63. A Golden Retriever! I lost my baby last year but I am on GR forums and the golden groups are fabulous. I would love to have a bag to commemorate not only my Elliott, but the breed itself. (and a couple butterflies flittering around ) Don’t want much, do I? 🙂 <3

  64. I love the cat bag, but would also love to see some safari art like a giraffe or rhino! Also tweeted! (@jrnez)

  65. I love frogs, cats & owls sooo much, so not sure what else I’d wish for… Maybe a heart or a life tree? Love your art Michelle!

    Tweeted this post from @ihanna today

  66. I bought a coffee pot clock in Auburn, WA while visiting my sister. It is so cute in my dining room

    I would love a bag with a black & white cocker spaniel smelling the roses.

  67. mama, papa and wee one heading out for family fun! My wee one is now a young man but family fun is forever!!

  68. Pets in general but specifically German Shepherds. I adopted a former military working dog and every where he goes people love him – enough more so when the find out he’s a veteran! 🙂

  69. Dogs are my buddies. A mini schnauzer playing with a toy in his mouth would be fun for me.

  70. I love your style! I would love to see you do a peacock on your bag! I hope I win. I adore owls. Thank you!

    I share on facebook to get the word out!


  71. Please oh please do a lab bag! I love the bag I received, which you gave to all of us lucky gals for Craft Weekend Swag. Best gift ever! You’re on my facebook page now too! Woohoo!

  72. Anything pink, sea creatures, doggies. See where a hummingbird clock may be coming in March. I’m the collector of the Allen Design clocks with close to 3 dozens; however, I told my husband about a possible hummingbird clock and he wants one. He loves hummingbirds. Keep being creative. I love your whimsical colorful clocks. Love the bags, too. Great addition.

  73. This last year l bought more of your wonderful bags to give as Christmas gifts, saving two for myself. But at the last minute l needed two more gifts soooo there went MY bags. The recipients wew estatic with such beautiful gifts and now I must buy for myself. Love the frog bag, what a fun addition. Love your art Mischelle!

  74. My suggestion would be hearts. I have purchased a heart clock, heart frames and heart magnets from Allen Design. One of your totes would be a great addition to my heart collection.

  75. I asked my son and he said “Dinosaurs!” — he’s 8. I think mushrooms would be gorgeous and fun.
    (Facebook shared)

  76. I love colorful, happy things like peacocks, parrots, ducks, fish, birds and birdhouses. So want the frog bag! Sharing on Facebook So love the white doggie clock, need to get one of those for someone special!

  77. these bags a vibrant and simply beautiful! I love all critters great or small except snakes and spiders! Frogs and turtles and my absolute favorite is Dragonflies and Ladybug’s! But seriously they are brilliantly done!

  78. I would love something in the peacock colors with a splash of purple. Your work is gorgous.

  79. Love all your art!
    I’d like to have a picture of a nurse (a kind nurse) with dogs, cats and flowers!

  80. I have said this already once but will repeat myself… Anything pink, sea creatures, doggies. See where a hummingbird clock may be coming in March. I’m the collector of the Allen Design clocks with close to 3 dozens; however, I told my husband about a possible hummingbird clock and he wants one. He loves hummingbirds. Keep being creative. I love your whimsical colorful clocks. Love the bags, too. Great addition.

  81. I would love to see a bag with a Scotty Dog on it, they have great personalities just like your art work.

  82. Shared your post on my FB page and wrote on your FB post. I would LOVE to see a sweet giraffe on one of your amazing bags. Love your style!

  83. Shared your post and liked your page, I would love to see Ladybugs, dragonflies, fish and gotta have more cats! 🙂

  84. LOVE love anything with CATS on it. Crazy quirky Cats in particular black and white with a pop art background.

  85. Received my bag from Kathie V.in Oaxaca. I use it for everything! I have a store in Fayetteville, Arkansas, The French Door,and just the other day a lady wanted to buy mine! So I would love a bag with a turquoise background that had a 2 seater bicycle with a basket on the handlebars filled with flowers pulling a red wagon filled with a bird cage, chair, red boots, and a chandelier. This is what is on my business card and on the roof of my building. I would buy each one from you for my customers! Shared and liked!!

  86. I would love one with sewing theme like your sewing machine clock. I love it. I would be fun to have the bag to take to sewing classes.

  87. I would love to see a food themed bag. Maybe fruits and vegetables. But really anything FOOD! YOUR take on a food themed bag. I think it would be interesting plus I would use a couple for food shopping!♥

  88. I just love your art, in all its forms! Would love to see happy dogs in a new design. I just shared this giveaway on my Facebook wall…. 🙂

  89. This are wondefl bags I posted on FB. Would love to see a happy cat in spring with bubbles, flowers and sunshine thanks for al the great art !

  90. This are wondefl bags I posted on FB. Would love to see a happy cat in spring with bubbles, flowers and sunshine!

  91. mermaids and fishes…tribute to Ethel. Left a note on FB, too. Keep spreading Art from your Heart!

  92. Would love one with a bouquet of hearts I could use for valentines, weddings, or for that special someone just because.

  93. A tree. Lots of naked branches. Instead of leaves it has cats sitting, hanging, playing, jumping, sleeping.

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