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300 Days of Creating – Progress Report

This 300 Days of Creating project has been unbelievably motivating for me! I’m realizing that every day I have a goal to be creative. Even if it doesn’t end up happening, it’s on my mind and something that is present. I’m also realizing how much I love looking back to see what I’ve already accomplished and the progress that’s been made. And THAT in and of itself is incredibly inspiring!

I’m going to attempt to do a monthly progress report here on the blog. Next month I might try to be a bit more detailed about certain pieces but for now, I’m just going to show the pics.


To date I’m at 24/300 days. And there are 304 days left in the year. That means I have a little wiggle room to meet my goal, but not much! When I calculate it out I think I can only miss approx. 2.5 days a month from here out. Oy!


As you can see, my counted days range from photo shoots to art journaling to painting to doodles. I’m not setting any boundaries . Just focusing on being actively creative! How is the project going for you??? Are you staying motivated?

And again, it’s not too late to start!!! There are still 304 days left in the year! 😉


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  1. Actually I was thinking about you last night. My Mac died a peaceful death (or at least it´s in a coma) and I thought about your creative 300-project, found my art-journal and played around the rest of the evening. Got 5 pages (more or less) done! Best evening in ages!

  2. Hi! I just get inspire on this article and other post. I am also a random active crafter. My mind doesnt stop thinking about art and craft 24/7. I wish if I could buy more ‘time’ to accomplish all my art.

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