Feb 15 2017

my 16 year old clock designer

My youngest daughter has been talking about designing her own clock for years. This past fall she made that talk/dream come true. She came up with the subject matter, color scheme and design all on her own.


This is one happy girl, and so she should be. It’s already proven to be a winner.


“It has been pretty fun and exciting to watch my own ideas and design turn into a beautiful, finished product, just like what my mom has been doing my whole life. I hope to follow in her footsteps somehow by owning my own business and this has been a great way to see what it will be like.” – Jess


We’re still in negotiations over pay/royalty rate. I keep reminding her that we are feeding her and housing her. She’s not sure that’s enough. 😉

allen-designs-sunflower-clockBee Sunny‘ Sunflower Pendulum Clock by Allen Designs