Aug 30 2013

kinda one of my favorite things!

art journaling is probably one of the things that makes my heart sing most.
inspired by a friend coming over and us making new book signatures, i’m back at it!
2013_art_journalmy journals are mainly made up of a compilation of travel smack, doodles and all kinds of other misc. paper gems.




artist_studio_michelle_allen_designsand the aftermath…


i really can’t believe we’re about to enter the month of September!!!
time to get a new desktop calendar done…
hope you all have exciting and adventurous plans for this holiday weekend!


5 thoughts on “kinda one of my favorite things!

  1. Love the journal! I have never been very good at doing stuff every day. I seem to start off strong & then peter out. Don’t dip your brush in your coffee. I’ve done it. Doesn’t taste as good after! LOL! 🙂

  2. Oooh love them.
    Isn’t it great to play in an art journal while a friend is there to do the same. It’s something I really love doing.

  3. one of my favorites too! hey did you get my message? i would love to see you sept 10th before the show for coffee let me know:)
    xo katy

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