Jul 29 2013

hearts for charity!

a few months back, i was invited by a friend to participate in a charity event, “HeArts of Clark County“, which is raising money for an improved life saving heart room of sorts at PeaceHealth Medical Center.

hearts_for_charity_artwe were asked to paint on fiberglass hearts to be auctioned off at a gala in the fall.
above are the humble beginning of my heart.

art_process_allen_designs_heartsand with a few more layers…

art_heart_charity_michelle_allenmy sweet daughter keeping me company one of the days.

art_process_vancouver_wa_michelle_allenstarting to come together.
this is probably after about 13 hours of painting.


charity_art_heart_peace_healthnot positive which side is meant to be the front.
and not quite sure which side i like better. maybe the bird?

hearts for charity michelle allen

hearts_for_charity_vancouverand after about 15 or so hours of very intense painting, it’s finished!

anne_john_vancouver_wa_artistmy friend Anne John is the lovely woman who organized and kept everyone on track.
not to mention, a crazy-talented artist!

jennifer_williams_artist_ridgefieldand the friend who got me connected, is this sweet & uber talented lady, Jennifer Williams.

michelle_allen_artistthis has really been a fun and meaningful project.
i’ve had a desire to get involved in my community in this sort of way for quite some time.
i’m thankful to finally have had the time and opportunity!

p.s. i think i look kind of cray cray in this picture!
i guess that goes with the guy at the preview/artist reception who told me that my bird looked stoned!

Jul 1 2013

july desktop wallpaper!

july artwork

yay for july and yay for sunny weather!
here’s a free desktop wallpaper to make your indoor time a bit brighter. 🙂


Just click on the image below to open the file, then right click to save. enjoy! :)
(for personal use only)