May 13 2013

artist studio: cart before the horse

a short while back i had the privilege of visiting artist  jo james, of cart before the horse, in her studio.
i wish i would have had time to tell you about her sooner, as i’d like to better portray ALL the details & feelings i had from our wonderful visit!

jo james cart before the horse art studio

for one though- let me just say i was CRAZY INSPIRED!
inspired by their sold-out-to-a-creative-life way of living.
inspired by their contemporary folk art style.
inspired by her home and collection of artwork.

i can’t say enough good things about her.
she & her husband, dylan whom i didn’t get to meet unfortunately, ooze of genius creativity.
she is as kind, beautiful, fun and original as her art is.

a yummy vegan lunch she so kindly prepared for us.

their capacity for creating unique characters is brilliant.
childlike yet refined.


and their genius continues- check out this video her husband made! it’s awesome!!!

cart before the horse jo james
nail care has never been my thing, don’t judge!

their pieces are mostly limited edition and each one is made to order.
treat yourself to more of their imaginary handmade works of art here.
as you can see by this one-of-a-kind gallery, there is NO END TO THEIR CREATIVITY!

check it out- they’ve also launched a kickstarter for their Mobile Art Studio!

thank you jo for the visit. i look forward to our next meet up!



3 thoughts on “artist studio: cart before the horse

  1. Hey Jo! Finally get to see your smiling face!! Love the peek into the studio…you are so minimalist….but you make everything for your creations out of clay, fabric and wood, so it does make sense. I can see how your on the road studio would work so very well! Cheers!

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