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random bits of my life

lots of change going on in my life right now.
some of the change has me smiling ear to ear with the cheesiest of grins.
and some of the change is giving me a pit in my stomach the size of a grapefruit.

on the fun side- we’re slowly redecorating our close2myart/allen designs studio!
allen designs studiopainting some walls, rehanging & organizing clocks.
we’ve been in this space 1.5 years and haven’t really done much in terms of decorating.
so we’re all really excited about cozying it up a bit.

alexis & austinAlexis and her boyfriend… nice hair, eh?… like i’m one to talk 🙂 
another big thing… my oldest daughter turned 18 yesterday!
i seriously CAN NOT believe that she’s that old and that i’m THAT old!

succulentfinally got me-self a few succulents.
they’re doing their job and  making me happy every time i walk past them.

artist michelle allenand the not so fun-
my graphic design gal quit and i’ve been scrambling trying to figure out what to do.
i’m holding off hiring someone, which has me taking over her tasks along with my own everyday ones.
all along just trying not to screw anything up!
it’s been a good opportunity to reevaluate our needs in the studio.
as hard and stressful as it is, i feel like it’s going to be a blessing in disguise.

art fortune cookiefound in our fortune cookie a few days ago.
so true. so true.

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  1. Damn – I have to get my hands on some of those fortune cookies! Sounds like things are moving and growing for you….here’s to the season of change – not always easy but always worth it in the end. 🙂

  2. New seasons everywhere, and a season of acceleration is upon us. Enjoy the ride! 🙂 My second son turned 18 in January, and I have a 20 yo….time flies. She’s beautiful!

    Doug Addison’s Prophetic word of the day for Sunday April 7

    A new level of faith and trust is available. Trust God to work things out.

    Monday April 8

    Focus on the good things in a situation you will see things turn around. Changing your viewpoint will have great results

    Tuesday April 9

    New creative music art & ideas are being released in the spiritual realm. Capture creative moments over the next few weeks

    Wednesday April 10

    As new things start up don’t be discouraged at small beginnings. It will build quickly with momentum.

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