make your desktop pretty! may desktop wallpaper

today IS going to be SUBLIME! i hope you enjoy this month’s free desktop wallpaper. our Allen Designs wiggles clock can be found here. i like the idea of making that statement as i wake to encounter each day. my days ARE better when i begin with that kind of attitude. sometimes it’s fiercely hard. there are people & things that are…

hello China!

yes, i’m here in China again. at least twice a year. i can’t believe this is my 10th year of coming here. am i really getting that old?! i’m working on lots of new designs. pretty darned excited about them! after 10 yrs., i still get completely blissed out in the development process. seeing two dimensional art become three dimensional…

hand lettering & artist’s open studio tour

this year clark county, washington will be having it’s first annual artist’s open studios tour! not sure of the dates, but it will be happening some time this fall. here’s a little logo hand lettering artwork thingy that i’ve been working on. not positive if it will be used or not but it’s been fun nonetheless.     and how…


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