Jan 6 2013

happy new year & art monograms!

happy new year to you!

we spent our holidays up at mt. hood and were blessed with tons of fresh snow!
it was awesome!

 these were my pieces of art i made for my family exchange and also an exchange i do with a group of other artists.
i’m thinking i might do more of these they were so much fun.

well, i’m off to georgia tomorrow for the atlanta gift show.
not my favorite thing to do.
i’m totally a home-body.
but necessary in my line of work.
the upside… i get to see awesome friends like these- april, leigh & kelly rae!

4 thoughts on “happy new year & art monograms!

  1. I love the R you made , and the owl too that is on the calendra

    Thank you for the talent you have I wished I hjad it iam a Rubber stamper
    Thank you so much,,,,


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