Dec 11 2012

free & fun Christmas Card Templates!

if you’re still looking to send out your christmas cards,
here are some fun & free templates you can use with your own photos!
just follow our step by step instructions below,
if you have questions post in the comments and we’ll help as best we can.

STEP 1: You will need to download Photoshop if you don’t already have it. There is a free trial here that you can use.

STEP 2: Download our free card templates here and open the one you want to use in Photoshop.

STEP 3: Drag and drop your photo into the folder titled Your Photo Here.

STEP 4: If your photo is too large use the marquee tool (M) to select and delete any parts of the photo that go beyond the template.

STEP 5: Get it printed! (Costco & Walgreens are two options)

hope you are enjoying the season so far!  xo-m

Dec 10 2012

fun Christmas Card Templates!

i know- this is going to be too late for many of you…
since i’ve received several christmas cards in the mail already.
but, for all of us- slower, not as organized peeps- these are for you!

so, tomorrow i will be posting some FREE christmas card templates to use with your pictures & have printed at places like costco & walgreens!
below are some examples of the these fun, artsy designs.

Dec 6 2012

always & always

this is how empty our allen designs/close2myart warehouse was until a few days ago!
we finally got a shipment in so if you’ve been waiting for things to be available on our website or in one of our store partners, it’s your lucky day!

love hand lettering!

don’t love painting the sides of canvases quite as much.

this piece is finally done, i’ll post finished pics tomorrow!
it’s a claude monet quote. don’t you love it!?

currently, i’m really loving playing indoor soccer a few days a week.
my skills are majorly lacking…
actually, i really suck.
but the workout and the girls i play with are fully awesome!

hope you are off to a great day.

Dec 5 2012

free owl calendar!

i love the yearly project that my barn owl does by bringing together artists and then offering a free owl calendar.
and i’m totally honored to be included last year and then again this year!

this is the piece of art that i submitted for 2013.

depicted above is just a small sampling of the lovely artists you have to choose from.
so- go here to get your very own free 2013 owl calendar.

they would also make sweet little gifts for that owl lover in your life.
may your day be owl-ilicious!


christmas snowman cupcakes

hello december!!! are you feeling it yet?
since i really haven’t done much in the holiday way yet,
i thought i’d show you these snowman cupcakes i made for my youngest daughter’s class a few years ago.
at that time we lived in an area that you could still take homemade goodies to school.

obviously they were a big hit.
what kid doesn’t see tons of sugar and color and get excited?

i used twizzlers for the nose and the scarf.
a little tube of gel frosting from the store for the eyes and buttons.
bell shaped chocolates for the hats.
marshmallows for the body.
pretzels for the arms, support up the middle of the body and for attaching the body to the cupcake.

make sure to give yourself plenty of time for assembly.
as i remember it, approx. 34 of them took me a few good hours.