Nov 30 2012

recycled vintage ornament wreath DIY

i made this vintage & recycled ornament wreath probably 5 years ago.
it is my very favorite christmas decoration to pull out every year.
although, not the easiest to store away. 

angel is by renowned american folk artist debbee thibault.

for this project you will need:

a good 3-4 hours!
glue gun & plenty of glue sticks
styrofoam wreath (i used a 17″ flat not rounded one for mine)
lots and lots of ornaments, different sizes all the way down to minis if possible 
and fabric 

1. start by wrapping your wreath with strips (anywhere from 2″-5″ strips will work) of fabric and securing, fabric to fabric, with hot glue.

2. at this point you’ll want to tie a ribbon around the wreath for hanging.

3. then began hot gluing ornament after ornament on the top first, then move to the sides of the wreath. i started by gluing larger ones first saving the smaller ones to fill in the gaps later.

**make sure as you’re going along that it sits flat on your table as that is how it will hang on the wall.
**i tried to apply glue on as many sides that I can,  giving it as much security as possible.

 this is a wreath i made for my momma a few years ago…

have fun!
and i’d LOVE to see yours when your done!

Nov 26 2012

crocheting, decorating and shopping

i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!
i am so very thankful for each of you reading this.
for your comments and words of encouragement you’ve gifted me with over the years.
you are the BESTEST!!!

this weekend i began pulling out my christmas decorations! yay!!!
this normally wouldn’t be happening for at least another week or two.
maybe i’m maturing and getting better at this time management thing…

check out this gorgeous granny square crocheted bag!
alison, who i’ve worked with for the past 15 yrs made it for me for my bday.
i am so in love!!!
the colors are gorg.

so, after gazing so fondly at her workmanship…
my girls and i decided it was high time we learn how to crochet.
…i’ll keep you posted.

went to a bazaar.
loved these. can’t find the artists’ card anywhere. boo.
super cute tho eh?

happy monday to you!

Nov 20 2012

totem art original painting

i’m really happy with my newest painting.
and i honestly, don’t always feel that way.

the colors, imagery and composition make me happy.

here’s an instagram of it in process.


Holiday hostess & sweet gift ideas

some gift ideas for your holiday hostess this year…

for the hostess who loves to bake- Bakers Cupcake Necklace
dress up any appetizers or desserts you bring to a party with these Custom Mini Pom Food Picks
Christmas Ornament Kit – a kid friendly activity for the crafty hostess or holiday party
Wine Time Clock – perfect for the hostess who appreciates the good things in life
artfully display your holiday beverages with this Solid Teak Wine Rack
served at the Whitehouse Thanksgiving dinner and also Katy’s (here in our studio) favorite- Treveri Cellars Sparkling Wine
Geometric Clay Necklace – a stylish holiday gift
bring the holiday to music to the next party you attend with- A Very She & Him Christmas


Nov 19 2012

my weekend in pictures

had our last weekend of studio sales.

alligator picture frame, one of my faves. 🙂

finally cleaned my brushes that have been sitting in water for…
um… too long!

started a new painting.
even though i have 3 others sitting here that still aren’t finished.

and soccer games in the cold & rain.
(mine is on the right)

a productive & fun weekend.
and you?


winner winner chicken dinner

thank you SO much to all of you who participated in our giveaway.
thanks for your shares on facebook and your blogs.
thank you for your inspiring quotes.
i was amazed at all the quotes that i hadn’t heard before!

congratulations to our winners!!!

the $100 shopping spree goes to:

the $75 shopping spree goes to:

and the $50 shopping spree goes to:

Nov 13 2012


life has been B.U.S.Y. around here!
a good busy.

i hosted a baby shower for sweet Katy in our studio.
can’t wait till her precious one arrives.

i LOVE having a chalkboard wall!!!
makes for fun and inexpensive party decor.

had our first of two studio sale weekends.
AWESOME to see so many of your faces.
many thanks to all of you who made it out!

love our ginko trees!
even when they lose their leaves. 

trying desperately to find time to make art.
because ARTISTS make ART. right?
as do- writers write, singers sing and so on.

don’t forget to enter in our Close2myART GIVEAWAY!!!
i assure you- better chances than the lottery and it’s free to enter! 🙂

Nov 6 2012

CLOSE2myart whimsical art giveaway!

to celebrate the oncoming of the holiday season & to possibly ease the burden for a few,
we figured it was time to do a giveaway!
thanks for playing and good luck! 🙂

we are giving away 3 shopping sprees!

$100.00$75.00 and $50.00

there are different 3 ways you can enter (pick any or all!)

1. leave a comment on this post: tell me your “go to” quote/saying, or something someone has said to you that has made an impact on your life.

2. share us with your friends about our STUDIO SALE or giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment (here on the blog) letting me know you did.

3. post our giveaway on your blog! (worth 3 entries!!) feel free to pull this image (or one off our website) to use on your blog.
(and don’t forget to leave a comment here on the blog so i know you did)

contest will close Sat. November 17th.

there is no cash back on the shopping spree
international entries are welcome but you would be responsible for the postage


12th annual studio sale!!!

yep, it’s that fun time of year again!
where we’ll be offering tons of:
whimsical clocks, colorful art, soap spitters, ornaments, picture frames, animal art and much more
at crazy good prices!
at our 12th annual allen designs studio sale!

hope you can make it!

p.s. if you’re local we would totally appreciate it if you could help us & spread the word to your friends!

Nov 2 2012

china- hiking, sculpting, eating and art-ing

hiking in china is a new experience for me!

i absolutely LOVE doing things i haven’t done before.

on occasion, pushing through that edge of fear that tempts you to hold back and play it safe.
those are the times i feel so completely alive.

this hiking was a little different than i’m used to.
it involved a concrete & rock path for miles and miles.
climbing well over a 1000 stairs to the summit.
i can’t imagine how long it took them to hand build these trails!
no one can call the chinese a lazy group of people, that’s for sure!

the “hello” finished.

a new clock design in the making.

oh yes. lunch is served!

exciting new project i’m working on.

art journal pages in progress.

i’m currently sitting in the HK airport waiting for my flight home.
a good cup of coffee warms my belly.
i’m a happy girl.

Nov 1 2012

hello november!

i can’t believe it’s already that time of year again!
the girls in the studio are already busily decorating and meticulously setting up our studio
for what will be our best & biggest studio sale yet.
we’re going to have some crazy good deals!
hope you can make it.
we’d love to see you. 🙂

(if you’re local and wouldn’t mind, please help us spread the word. we would deeply appreciate it.)