Oct 14 2012

photo cards

with the holiday season right around the corner,
i figured i should remind you of what you can do with all those photo christmas cards this year.
this is a great DIY way to organize and keep memories of those families you want to remember year to year.

all you need is a hole punch and some rings.
punch some holes (the same width apart), and put them together!

last year i took the pretty top off another christmas card and used it as my cover.

i bring them out every year and they’re always getting looked at by us and by our guests.
this whole thing literally took me about 10 minutes.

and- no, i’m not a hoarder 

4 thoughts on “photo cards

  1. What an awesome idea! I keep lots of Christmas cards too but, in a box with an elastic band around them. They don’t get seen one year to the next unless I pull them. Your way keeps them all together and easy to flip through! I am gonna start doing that too! Thanks! : )

  2. I love doing this too! My kids just love to sit and look through all the pictures of family and friends. I have a couple put together and I stick them in a bowl on my coffee table during the holidays. So fun. But, I need to look for red rings. I like those! 🙂

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