Oct 31 2012

china & product development

my days here in china have been quickly passing by.
i had thought i’d have more time for blogging but i guess i was wrong.
or should i say, i’ve spent that time doing other things…
i’ll try to do some catch up here over the next few days.

a new allen designs piece in the works.
currently LOVING these colors.
i feel like i’ve spent a lot of time drinking tea.
which then in turn means many times to the beloved hard-to-pee-in-ceramic-hole-in-the-ground! oy!

remember this beautiful girl?
my, how she’s grown.

little resin foxes- will eventually be made in to pins.
they’d be cute as magnets…hmmm.
with all the stainless does anyone still buy magnets?

the hello sketch now a sculpt.

i have spent a little time in my art journal.
trying to get my painting groove back.
funny how it’s like running- you take time off and you lose fitness.
when you decide to start back up again it seems to require:

patience that you will probably have some bad runs
confidence that you will once again achieve fitness
perseverance/will power that will push you past the discomfort & frustration. 

 don’t you agree?
…or maybe it’s just me.

3 thoughts on “china & product development

  1. It must be so cool to see your creations/drawings go from 2D to 3D. Love the little fox pins. Yeah, I might cut back on the tea, those holes (and I’ve seen a few, not in China) are really gross. LOL! Looks like no matter where you are you are creative & productive! That is awesome! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. : )

  2. Wow! Things are lookin’ good in China! Love the foxes, and the ‘hello’ sculpt!! I agree when you’ve been away from painting for a while, it’s like getting back to running / fitness. Same dedication. Same working up to stamina. Hope you’re having a great time in China and getting a lot of work accomplished :o)

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