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art studio tour part 2

i didn’t get all the pictures of my art studio  done today that i had wanted to, so there’s going to have to be a “part 3”.

i really love this little area of my studio.
slowly over the past couple of weeks i’ve been cleaning out and getting rid of a lot of the knick knacky stuff.
you probably can’t tell…  can you imagine what it was like before!

the one thing i don’t like about this corner is the reminder of all the un-done projects/paintings!
like the dresser that’s partially painted and still sporting the holes from the previous handles.
and the squirrel painting… still not done.

this metal cabinet is a total catch all for art supplies and the uglier side of things.
some of my favorite artists are displayed here…
cori dantini, pam garrison, karla dornacher (my mom), elizabeth and jennifer davis.

the corner of possibilites!

i found this wooden drawer chest a few years back at a garage sale.
it’s perfect for hiding and organizing little things along with having the tools easy to grab on the bottom shelf.

the drinking octopus… another unfinished painting.
having this comfy chair means my family will actually come up and visit me sometimes.

i know most of you have already seen this pic- but i’m just so happy to have it done i had to add it to the tour.

i’ve been collecting some of these vintage pendants but i have not a clue what i’m going to actually do with them!
any ideas?

i’m hoping to be back tomorrow with the last of my art studio tour.
thanks for visiting with me!

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  1. Love your space and am feeling inspired to do some purging on this end – I think the end result would be well worth the effort! Thanks for sharing photos! Good timing on the studio with your 40th – sets the stage for more awesomeness to flow! 40s are grand!

  2. Love all the pics! How about pinwheel quilt with the pennants? I’ve been collecting them for a couple years with plans to do that. I can see it so clearly. In my head. Lol

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