Sep 13 2012

hello whatever craft weekend!

i’ve, once again, been away from this blog so long
that i really don’t know where to start.
i guess i’ll begin with the most exciting thing i’ve done since my last post.
and that would be- i went to kansas for meg duerksen’s craft weekend!!!

(some chalkboard art i did before the weekend began)

meg and i have been blogging/internet friends for years,
so when she started doing these craft weekends i knew i had to go!
her house is FULL of gorgeous creativity and color and what she’s doing is really cool.
i also totally wanted to meet up with her in person.

all the beds are adorned with beautiful vintage quilts that you totally want to dive right into.

so much eye candy that i probably spent over an hour just taking instagram shots.

several fun crafts and a trip to some antique shops and this crazy awesome barn filled with treasures.

oh, and let’s not forget the delicious food that the lovely kimberely made for us several times a day!!!

 i had an amazing time meeting new friends and making fun crafts!
if you want to see more pics check out my instagram (close2myart).

9 thoughts on “hello whatever craft weekend!

  1. Michele, I am very curious about the large A and the small flowers that are adorned in patchwork style fabric. How the heck are those made? Is that something you can share?

    I loved perusing your photos!!


  2. Ah Michelle, So jealous that you went to Craftweekend! I actually was looking at Meg’s blog and as soon as I saw the chalk board I thought wow Meg can draw like Michelle…scroll down…laughter breaks loose. 🙂 I have been following yours and Meg’s blog for a few years now and would have been over joyed to have spent time with you both…maybe some day you’ll go again and I can meet you!!

    Hope the inspiration continues! Also I was wondering if you would send one of your catalogs to a store I work at? I think our buyer would love your work!

    Great pics!

  3. i loved having you michelle!!!
    your post made CW look amazing!
    thank you for coming and for all the work you did for me.
    now….when can i get to you?!!
    i need to get on that.

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