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A letter wall & coffee

i’m on a roll now.
two days in a row!

just realizing that both these pics are of coffee. oy!
obviously coffee is a big part of my everyday.
this picture was really to show off my new headband i made at CW that i’m LOVING!

coming back from CW i’m inspired to get a few projects done that i’ve been lagging on.
one being this “A” letter wall…
which i finally hung!!!
and crazy as it was, it only took me about an hour-
and that included putting hangers on a few of them and drilling some holes.
i don’t know why i procrastinated so much.
maybe fear in wanting to make sure it was perfect?

i don’t know. but i’m TOTALLY STOKED to have yet another project done!!!

p.s. sorry about the picture quality. i’ve been totally lazy about getting my camera out. so these are all from my phone.

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  1. Love your hairband and how long your dreads are getting…super cool…You got the funky artist vibe happening!! Coffee, good coffee is the one thing I have never sacrificed!! I enjoy every sip!! Those photos again are wonderful….

    I want a set of mugs with your art on it to line my stove top!! When will you create some!! I had Mary Naylor ones for years, I am on my second set of them since the others got so badly chipped from over use!! I want yours though….nothing would make me happier!! Please consider creating some….. a few plates would be awesome too!!!

    Hugs Giggles

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