Sep 29 2012

home tour- chalkboard wall & letter A wall

if you follow me on instagram (close2myart) then this is all old news to you…
i finally finished re-doing my chalkboard wall.
initially, i just painted directly over the lightly textured drywall.
but it ended up still having too many bumps to be able to get clean lines with the chalk and was driving me crazy!

i fixed it by: skimming it with plaster, letting it dry, then wet-sanding till it was smooth and painting it again.
much better!

and did you notice my clever little chalk & eraser holder made out  of  a vintage match safe?
it works so perfectly!
here are some other cute ones i found.

i have to throw in a few more shots of my letter “A” wall – taken with my good camera.

i’m so excited, valentina says she’s going to be designing a piece of  “A” art  soon.
i can’t wait to add it to my collection!

Sep 25 2012

art studio sewing corner before & after

another project i’ve had on my to-do list for quite some time is my sewing corner.
the other day i woke up and just decided that it was going to be THE DAY.
i jumped on my bike and rode down and bought some primer & paint.
and set to work.

the white shelf is from ikea.
the yellow one was an old one i had sitting around that i finally spray painted happy-yellow.

SO much better!

now off to decide which sewing project to take on.


Sep 23 2012

nesting & decorating

i don’t know if it’s fall coming on-
but i’ve totally been in the mood to finish some projects and cozy up the house.
(once again, sorry for my bad phone quality shots) 

i was about ready to get rid of this piece and decided i might as well try painting it to see if i’d like it any better.

ahhhhhhhh.  much more to my liking.

found this awesomely old tackle box at an estate sale the other day for only $3!

the wall BEFORE

i can see lots of future chalkboard-art being done on that wall by us all.

hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.
that is… if everyone hasn’t given up on me and there are still people reading this blog! 


Sep 17 2012

my newest love…

seriously, i can’t tell you how many tomatoes a day i’ve been eating.
garden tomatoes are like NO OTHER.
out of the varieties i planted, the black krim is by far my favorite.

fresh mozzarella, garden tomatoes, and pesto w/greek yogurt= delish & healthy!

since divorcing diet pepsi, pellegrino (and coffee of course!) is my new fave.

how about you?
any big changes in your life this summer?

Sep 14 2012

A letter wall & coffee

i’m on a roll now.
two days in a row!

just realizing that both these pics are of coffee. oy!
obviously coffee is a big part of my everyday.
this picture was really to show off my new headband i made at CW that i’m LOVING!

coming back from CW i’m inspired to get a few projects done that i’ve been lagging on.
one being this “A” letter wall…
which i finally hung!!!
and crazy as it was, it only took me about an hour-
and that included putting hangers on a few of them and drilling some holes.
i don’t know why i procrastinated so much.
maybe fear in wanting to make sure it was perfect?

i don’t know. but i’m TOTALLY STOKED to have yet another project done!!!

p.s. sorry about the picture quality. i’ve been totally lazy about getting my camera out. so these are all from my phone.

Sep 13 2012

hello whatever craft weekend!

i’ve, once again, been away from this blog so long
that i really don’t know where to start.
i guess i’ll begin with the most exciting thing i’ve done since my last post.
and that would be- i went to kansas for meg duerksen’s craft weekend!!!

(some chalkboard art i did before the weekend began)

meg and i have been blogging/internet friends for years,
so when she started doing these craft weekends i knew i had to go!
her house is FULL of gorgeous creativity and color and what she’s doing is really cool.
i also totally wanted to meet up with her in person.

all the beds are adorned with beautiful vintage quilts that you totally want to dive right into.

so much eye candy that i probably spent over an hour just taking instagram shots.

several fun crafts and a trip to some antique shops and this crazy awesome barn filled with treasures.

oh, and let’s not forget the delicious food that the lovely kimberely made for us several times a day!!!

 i had an amazing time meeting new friends and making fun crafts!
if you want to see more pics check out my instagram (close2myart).