Aug 15 2012

blooming birds painting

if you’ve been following me on instagram (close2myart)-
then you’ll recognize this piece i’ve been working on over the past few days.

quick sketch with black acrylic paint.

some color added.

MORE color added.

getting closer…
still missing the a lot of the details.

and finished!

this piece of art will be used as a giclee and also a bag design in the near future.
it measures 24″ x 18″ x 1 3/8″

these colors make me HAPPY!
i’m thinking it could possibly use a couple of words in the red on the sides, any ideas?
maybe “sweet love” or “love captured”?

16 thoughts on “blooming birds painting

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It’s beautiful Michelle… so creative and fun! One of my very favorites! Love seeing the progression too… you are inspiring me to get to painting!! Love and hugs…

  2. I´m absolutely loving the reds in the background. Good reds can be difficult to get right. I really like this painting!
    The words “two birds of a feather” came to mind, but I´m not entirely sure what that expression means.

  3. Really miss your blogging! I know life gets in the way and things change for us….hope you don’t give it up all together.


  4. whenever my husband and i don’t see eye-to-eye in life we still know our love is unconditional. we have a saying that i find perfect for this piece: ‘it’s understood’
    take care!

  5. This may be my new favorite!
    I’ve been gone from reading your blog for awhile (from reading any blog in fact)…
    But I’m back now and perusing your site this morning is making me feel creative! 🙂

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