May 1 2012

instagram -ing my days

i’m completely smitten with instagram and the idea of keeping an ongoing visual journal of my days.
i enjoy thinking about how to make simple shots interesting.
and as funny as it is, i love working within the limitations of instagram.

left to right: doodles • walking the track • editing images • my 11 yr. old
art doll in the making • kale & potato soup my 17 yr. old made • perusing magazines w/my momma • salvaged serving fork
my husband & studio girls unloading a container of allen designs • stag art doll • lex & i heading to indoor • my husband w/a lot on his mind
art doll • jess practicing the rainbow • weekend coffee w/the hubs • thatchers in vancouver 

if you too love instagram, check out curly girl’s scavenger hunt that just started!
also, ashley ann has her “instagram thankful” post up that is super sweet.

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