May 21 2012


things are finishing up here in the factory.
samples are completed.
pricing is agreed upon.
and home is on the horizon!

the flower i showed you previously- now completed.
these colors are so YUMMY, don’t you think?
the pendulum that accompanies it is super, super cute!
just wait till you see it!

stacks of molds.

the messy process.

i just couldn’t leave you today without a few last food pics.
at least they removed the eyeball on this guy.

scallops with garlic & noodles on top.
these are delish.

a pretty flower found on my jaunt to the farmer’s market.

well, off to catch a plane!
after 9 years of traveling here a few times a year, going home still makes me giddy.


9 thoughts on “CHINA DAY 8

  1. Have a safe trip home! Your China pictures have been so interesting. That flower is fabulous too. Such bright and happy colors! 🙂

  2. Much more relaxing photos Michelle!! Love the vibrant colors on your clock. Wow! Can’t wait to come upon some here in Canada! Kelly Rae has a huge display of her stuff at an Art Knapps near White Rock….hope they will carry your stuff too!! If not I’ll check the Prickly Pear in Richmond where I saw them before!! Very exciting!! Food looks yummy too!! Have a safe Flight home!!

    Hugs Giggles…..LOVE LOVE LOVE the new banner too!!!

  3. Thanks for all the great photos Michelle! This brings back so many memories of when i traveled to China, and worked with the factories. I can smell the fish market now. I can takes the awesome tofu, and imagine myself wilding winding through traffic, while sitting in the back seat of a “taxi”.
    oh….Ambien is one of my best friends 🙂

  4. The clock looks so super cute and vibrant! Have a safe trip back! I am so happy you shared this China trip it was so interesting getting a peek at the process of your work and China itself.

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