May 20 2012


this is part two of the farmer’s market i encountered here in southern china.
it’s so interesting to see how different cultures exist & function.

the day was already quite warm (in the 80’s), as you can imagine, these next areas didn’t have the best of smells.

these are not pets.
they’re for eating.

same with these.
love all their different colors and markings.

an 80º day, these fish just sitting out on styrofoam boards…
ha! you would not find this in the usa.

grab a bowl and pick what you’d like.

are you getting hungry yet?

i’m sure after this photo you’re already running to the pantry for a bag of chips.
yes, these are fish heads and they are set out on display for sale.

there are also bins with live shrimp, turtles, fish and worms that you can choose from and they will clean and bag it right there for you.

i have so much respect for the way they live.
walking this market made me feel like such a prim.
in the usa we tend to like our food cleaned and packaged up all pretty-like.
perhaps this way is healthier. (minus, of course, the bouts of food poisoning!)
it certainly is fresher!

9 thoughts on “CHINA DAY 7

  1. Love the photos! The duck with the bright blue eye and the red markings around it is darling. I can’t wait to see how this inspires your art work! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. It’s great that you reflect and aren’t full of judgments on other cultures. It’s a big world! Looks very interesting.

  3. So glad I was raised by farmers.
    Never was able to eat the bunnies or chickens we kids thought were pets when they landed on our dinner table. When you see the real food chain, like you are experiencing in China, there is more respect for the source.

  4. I think there might be less food-poisoning than we suspect…
    I´m glad you´re having some time to walk around, experiencing China, not just working the whole time. Hope things are ging well. Safe trip home!

  5. hehe I’m a vegetarian so that market is a little “fresh” for me but it really is interesting to see how other cultures live and work daily!
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us!

  6. Oh my gosh, Michelle… good thing I had breakfast already. Actually, it’s not so bad to just see the photos… the smells probably would have pushed me over the edge though. And I’m a farmer’s daughter! Even though I know well where meat comes from, I think I’d have to be a vegetarian in China. Hope you’re finding something to eat that didn’t look at you first. 🙂

  7. Enjoying your trip vicariously. Fascinating to get glimpses into other people’s lives (love the traffic shots from a few days ago!). Safe (and restful?) travels home.

  8. In North American, we’ve evloved into a culture that is so far removed from where our food comes from. It’s not normal. I’m from the prairies and I grew up harvesting my meals from walking around on my grandparent’s farm. I’d go out with a bowl at breakfast and fill it full of berries. I’d pull carrots at lunch and rinse them in the rain barrell. I’d snack on a stalk of rhubarb. We’d cook a chicken that we’d raised ourselves for dinner. We grow our own veggies in the summer-my husband was planting our garden this weekend. While I think that yes, they could work on the foodsafe part of the markets you’re going to, you do have to admire that you’re buying directly from the source and the meat’s not on a styrafoam plate.

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