May 19 2012


today was a better food day!
i’m still guessing i will have lost a little weight from this journey.
although nothing like the 4-5lbs per trip i would lose in the early years of my traveling here!

i didn’t have to go into the factory till after lunch today so i had a little time to play in my art journal.
just messing around with pattern & color.
feels good.

there was also time to visit a farmers market down the road.
i only brought my 50mm fixed lens with me- which makes it hard to show you just how huge this market was.

i have a bunch more pictures to show you tomorrow as i’m running out of time.
some are pretty gross so if you have a timid stomach you may want to skip tomorrow’s post.
hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

7 thoughts on “CHINA DAY 6

  1. MMM! All those veggies look so good Michelle! I know you can’t read my blog right now, so I’ll tell you that yesterday was FANTASTIC! I meet my personal hero (and a Canadian hero at that!) Rick Hansen. It was really something.

  2. Looks great!! I love market photos. Thanks for whatever you post. I’m betting there’s some cow eye soup or other delicacies! Post away… we all need a little culture shock to keep us from being to self-centered. Hope to see you again soon!

  3. Yeah, my stomach is not in love with those food photos,and where the dishes were made!! So I will skip tomorrow and thanks for the warning!!

    What I am in love with is the color, and patterns of your amazing art!!! Plus the wonderful market photos of people! Really interesting!! Thanks for sharing…hope you don’t fade away to nothing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Such intensity of energy and activity. Even the quiet still vegetables seem infused with it. I love the variegation of the color on on your journal’s leaves.

    Thank you for taking us along to the market.

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