May 18 2012


funny, i spoke too soon yesterday.
today’s meals left much to be desired!
i think these are sardines?
the taste wasn’t too bad but not something i’d order on my own.
octopus has never been a favorite of mine.

they tell me this is some sort of curdled blood or something.
i tried this sort of dish on a past trip… only because my 15 yr. old daughter tried it and i couldn’t let her show me up.
all i can say is- no thanks!
the lunch restaurant was in the owners home and ran by their family.
an interesting and kind of cool experience.
this was the view right outside the door.
have you ever seen a tree this mean???
painting is in process.
nothing makes me happier or more inspired than color!

4 thoughts on “CHINA DAY 5

  1. Okay… I don’t think I would have eaten any of those… yuk! In contrast… I LOVE the bright cheeriness of your new piece… makes me think there is hope for the world! Hugging you from afar!

  2. No disrespect but no thank you on the food. Hopefully you could find at least some fruit to eat. Reminds me of a trip I took to Puerto Plata when I couldn’t wait to eat food again….fish with eyes and chickens hanging in the hot sun, not my cup of tea. It’s just not how we are used to eating but it is interesting to see how different cultures do. Anyway, safe trip home!

  3. Ackkkkk!!!! I thought that first picture could be baby alligators! I’m losing weight just by reading your blog!!! Just kidding, but I wish. 🙂

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