May 17 2012


food, when i first started coming here 9 years ago, scared me.

not initially, because i never considered myself a picky eater
and although i didn’t love chinese food, it didn’t make me want to gag.
but a few meals in and i quickly began to dread each and every meal.
which let me tell you, is very unlike me!
between the beautifully disguised durian, fish eyes in the soup,
snake killed at the table in front of us and then turned into soup,
and much more that i can’t even bring to mind right now.
i decided i really hated the food here.

slowly over the years i’ve had a 180 degree change in my thinking.
and NOT because i now love durian, snake, or fish eyes!
but because i’ve, little by little, found an abundance of dishes that i love.
like the one above which is spicy fish with some sort of bean sprouts.

and tofu! the tofu here is UNBELIEVABLE!
made so many different ways.

one thing that took me by surprise when i first started traveling here… perhaps it was just my naivety.
but that all the food is chinese food!
which means no mexican, italian- you get my drift.
can you imagine?

this is some sort of vegetable noodle.

anyhoo-hoo, thanks for stopping by and joining me on my travels!

one last thing, have you seen wild china???

6 thoughts on “CHINA DAY 4

  1. Happy to hear you are getting some good food in your tummy. I am really enjoying you sharing your travels with us. So fun to see. 🙂

  2. Michelle, ever since I started reading about your trips to China years ago, I’ve always wanted to go with you. But I’m not sure I would eat a thing the whole time there…except the pop tarts I’d sneak in my suitcase! I don’t think I could bring myself to try anything in those pictures above!! I hope you’re keeping well.

  3. Some of that food just looks visually unappetizing, especially the last one, hehe. I remember the snake soup *shudder* I’m glad you found some things you love to eat~! I am drinking my morning smoothie which some people think is gross here, but all those greens and fruits make my skin look fabulous 🙂

  4. what amazes me too are all the varieties of flavors God created for us to enjoy… and even though we may not personally enjoy all of them… how people and cultures combine foods and flavors is really quite incredible, isn’t it?

    It was a treat for me to eat there… but I know that’s only because the food I was offered was already filtered through you!!

    Blessings and hugs from home my girl…

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