May 4 2012

cat & bird painting original art

and here she is in all her grandeur.
this cat has a big heart for her friend “bird”.
they were created to be together; soul mates.

“soul mates”  18″x 24″x 2 1/4″  © michelle allen 2012

you’ll see some of the painting progression in the following photos.

notice that the bird is a different color 3 times!

now off to enjoy dinner and a concert with friends.
happy friday to you. : )

7 thoughts on “cat & bird painting original art

  1. I love these soul mates!! Thanks for sharing, even an accomplished artist as yourself has a change of heart while painting. I also enjoy the metaphor of these two…Opposites really do attract!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. love the pair they do seem quiet happy together. I just saw a poster for zoe yesterday she is coming to eugene and she looks to cool for words.

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