Apr 19 2012

old rug dinosaur pillow

since moving into my new studio i’ve been trying to work through items i’ve been hanging onto for future projects.

you know “those things”…  you have them too. right?
this old rug was one of mine.
YEARS, i’ve been moving it from one place to another!

when jolie gave me this awesome dino screen print she did in my workshop
i knew it would be a perfect compliment to this rug i had been saving.

the juxtaposition of the dinosaur and the pink & red pillow base just makes me smile.
i also love the woven texture that the rug brings.

first, i used the fused webbing stuff to adhere the screen print to the rug.
then stitched around it with the sewing machine.
the rug was the perfect size to just fold over so i would only have to stitch three sides…
which ended up being a good thing since i broke my needle and ended up having to do that part by hand!
the one thing i would have done different would have been to put the fringe on the side instead of on the bottom.
but oh well, it’s good enough and, it’s COMPLETED!

it feels so good to get a project done!

p.s. stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “old rug dinosaur pillow

  1. Love your pillow! Great texture. I think that you could turn that pillow one turn clockwise so fringe is on the side and the artwork still would work great and words would read easy.

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