Apr 12 2012

my new loves…

which is a fun photo sharing app for the iphone & just recently, the droid.

you can find me on instagram under close2myart just in case you’re interested. 😉

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and my new phone!!!
yes, i finally did it.
i ditched my droid for an iphone!!!
and i’m completely LOVING it.
after 2 days i feel like i can already get around easier than i did on the droid after a year.
not to mention the camera is a hundred times bettah!
i’m a happy, happy girl.

how ’bout you…. droid or iphone? and do you instagram???


12 thoughts on “my new loves…

  1. I’m still a droid guy. I type so much on my smartphone, that you’ll probably have to pry the physical qwerty keyboard from my icy cold dead hands…

    I also like having a removeable battery. Yes, Iphone batteries DO last longer, but it’s awesome to have the security of a spare battery (or 3) when I’m travelling or know I’m gonna be places where a car or wall charger just isn’t gonna happen.

    I love Google Maps navigation. It’s just better and I use it religiously. In fact, it was simply awesome when I took Jax downtown PDX via MAX and it knew all the stops and times of all the trains. I literally didn’t have to think or even know what stop to take, as Google Nav told me.

    I like being able to video conference w/ my son and be anywhere. And I can skype from my Droid3 when I’m NOT on wifi (facetime is wifi only unless you’re phone is jailbroken from what I understand). And skype is what his mom has on their PC’s, so no need to change. Not to mention that there’s not even face time for PC’s anyway.

    Lastly, (and least important), I like the ability to watch AVI videos or steaming FLASH content on my droid. Yes, it’s seldom that I do, but I don’t like the concept that the supposedly most advanced smartphone on the market *can’t* play certain types of media because Steve Job’s ghost is too stubborn to think outside his own universe and acknowledge other file types (like Apple did have to give in on MP3’s finally).

    Being able to add on cheap storage via microSD cards is nice too.

    Don’t get me wrong. There are a ton of things that Iphone does better. But there’s little that my droid3 can’t do… And if I had a droid4, I’d be even happier–as I’d be on the 4G LTE network which is supid faster than anything else.


  2. LOVE my iPhone… but my husband is devoted to his “mandroid”. Other than his phone, we’re an all Apple family, with an iPad2 & spanking new iMac (*love*). Have not dabbled in Instagram yet, but I do love my Photo Toaster app.

  3. I came home from Artfest totally in awe of my room mate Jane’s iPhone. Decided I needed one since I am due for an upgrade (currently have a Blackberry). Not sure hubby thought it was a necessary purchase, and then….out of the blue (and not on purpose despite what you might think) I dropped my phone this week and cracked the screen. Going Saturday to the iPhone store!!!!

  4. I love my Droid! I have no iphone envy. I do however have an itouch ipod so I feel like I got the best of both 🙂 I don’t like putting music on my phone.

  5. michelle, your site and work is so alive! it just gives off great positive energy. i so wish i could have taken your workshop. it’s all so beautiful!

  6. Of course I am following you here! 🙂 It looks great, and I love all your Instagram pics. It is so much fun right!? I got an iphone for my birthday in December and I LOVE it! So many fun things to do. I just jumped on the Instagram wagon too. Looking forward to more fabulous art & cool pics. Have a great weekend!!

  7. i have the droid. it STINKS. i hate it.
    but there are bigger problems in the world i guess.
    i will keep dreaming about an iPhone.
    by the time i get one…instagram will be old news.
    i know the droid has it but seriously the camera is so bad it’s not even worth it.

  8. The best thing I ever did was ditch that stupid Droid.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone. I would marry her but Siri says no :(.
    I also love Instagram.. my user name is heenabeena.. I am lookin you up.

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